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Welcome New 1-800-SWEEPER Partner: Tim Toler, Clean Sweep Lot Services, Indianapolis, IN  

We’d like to welcome Tim Toler of Clean Sweep Lot Services in Indianapolis to the 1-800-SWEEPER family. Tim makes a great addition our organization and we’re glad to have him.

From starting with a broom and a wheelbarrow, Tim Toler has grown his company a long way. For eight years Tim Toler, now president of Clean Sweep Lot Service, Inc., did outside maintenance for a developer. Noticing that a store in the area wasn’t keeping its lot clean, Toler contacted the manager, who put him in contact with the management company. He not only got a contract to do that property, but nine others managed by the same firm.

For a couple years, Toler and his son continued to clean the properties by hand, all while continuing with his full-time day job. Coupled with starting to go to church on a regular basis, he says he came to the realization that there was enough money in other people’s trash to quit his regular job and go full time with sweeping.

Deciding that if he was going to have truck payments then he’d just as well have a new sweeper, Toler went out on a limb and bought a new Schwarze 347-I. After having walked lots for many years in his work for the developer, with sparing use of a Tennant sweeper — walking the soles off many pairs of shoes in the process — the overnight transition was enormous.

At first, he found himself still spending four to five hours on a property that previously took eight but now should be done in about three. Even then, one property manager simply could not be made happy. “However, I came to a realization,” Toler says, “that my time had to be worth much more than $10 an hour. That was the beginning of figuring out my actual costs and the pricing that needed to go with it.”

Toler credits his company’s growth with providing a good end product for his customer and always doing whatever he says he’ll do, period. That has brought him both growth and a high degree of customer loyalty.

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1-800-SWEEPER Raises Over $60,000 to Help Homeless Veterans


1-800-SWEEPER, the nationwide service alliance of independently owned power sweeping companies, partnered with the Veterans Matter organization to support their initiative to house homeless veteran’s this past Holiday Season.  1-800-SWEEPER was honored to support their initiative by sponsoring a charitable campaign, the 800 Challenge, beginning on Veterans Day – November 7, and running until December 31, 2020.

1-800-SWEEPER Partners solicited friends, family and business associates while promoting employee participation to meet the challenge of which Partner could raise the most money.  All donations went directly to Veterans Matter to help homeless vets and their families secure permanent housing. The National Homeless Veterans Housing Program is a collaborative effort with the Veterans Administration, which provides medical & mental assistance as well as employment training for those in need, giving veterans a fresh start and domestic autonomy. This organization does not receive funding from any large corporations, ALL funding comes from individual donations from Americans like us.

We’d like to thank our Partners that took the time and committed to raising money and participate in this worthy cause. 1-800-SWEEPER Partners raised $61,495 towards housing 80 veterans! $1000 in cash, or an equivalently valued prize of their choosing, was offered to the Partner who raised the most donations amongst the organization. The winner of the contest was Charles Joseph of All Care Sweeping in Kansas City, KS, who chose the cash prize and then  graciously donated the $1,000 back to the Veterans Matter organization. Ben Steyer, Executive Director of 1-800-SWEEPER said “$60,000 is a lot of money and the fact that we are able to assist in housing 80 veterans is awesome! Our efforts and donations made a significant difference in some very deserving lives”.  Twenty-five, 1-800-SWEEPER companies participated in the 800 Challenge as well as some 1-800-SWEEPER Vendor Partners. “We want to thank those Vendor Partners for stepping up and showing their support. We are grateful for our Partners, like Keystone Plastics and Smucker Manufacturing, for their support of this initiative”, says Steyer.  A formal check presentation will be scheduled in the upcoming month with Ken Leslie, Founder of Veterans Matter, in Toledo, OH.

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Welcome Clean Sweep of Orlando


We’d like to welcome the newest 1-800-SWEEPER Partner, Mike Kirchner of Clean Sweep of Orlando. Mike is relatively new to the sweeping business. After living in Atlanta for the last twenty years his family recently moved to Winter Park Florida, a suburb of Orlando.  He has been happily married for 15 years, has two children and a dog named Bob Seger after his upbringing in Michigan.  Recently, he bought Clean Sweep of Orlando after spending 25 years in Corporate America.  Mike grew up in an entrepreneurial home and it was always a goal of his to run and own his own business.  “I wanted to spend all of my time and energy working on my customers behalf and less on the bureaucracy in corporate America”, says Kirchner.  Clean Sweep of Orlando was formed in 1986 and used to be the largest Parking Lot Sweeping company in Orlando.   Business has dwindled over the years and Mike’s goal is to return it to that stature once again.  Clean Sweep of Orlando offers power sweeping, portering, janitorial services, pressure washing and landscape maintenance. They also perform graffiti removal, parking lot striping and pothole repair.

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