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Jul 8, 2019

Mid-Year Review Summit in Denver

Summer Meeting is a Hit with 1-800-SWEEPER Partners

1-800-SWEEPER Partners and managers, along with the staff of 1-800-SWEEPER, converged at Denver, Colorado June 13-14, 2019 for the Mid-Year Meeting. This annual event brought the group together to share best practices, resources and of course to socialize with other 1-800-SWEEPER Partners.

Short, tight roundtable discussions were led and actively participated in on subjects including managing your chart of accounts and improving your Google My Business listings. Newest staff member, Business Development Representative Andy Williams, provided a quick overview of the most recent Vendor updates including new Vendor Partners, offers and rebates (see associated story). The 33 attendees also got an introduction to 1-800-SWEEPER’s new Mechanics’ Forum which will soon be available to help mechanics troubleshoot equipment issues.

During afternoon sessions, Chris Nesbitt of Nescon introduced the group to an innovative equipment option – X Broom. Board member Matt Bawks and Executive Director Ben Steyer introduced learning session breakout groups which will give focus to roundtables held during the upcoming Sweeper Summit in Atlanta, November 7-8.

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Apr 25, 2019

3 Tips for Creating Content to Add to Your Sweeping Company’s Website (and Why It’s Important!)


1-800-SWEEPER Partners can contact Ben Steyer at 419-708-7806 with any questions about these tech tips or their company’s specific digital marketing programs.

After you’ve covered the basics – the sweeping and maintenance services your company provides – you’re out of things to write about on your website, right?

How in the world would you ever have any additional material to add to your own website?

The reality is, there’s an almost endless supply of content to be written about your industry if you know how to conceptualize it, but most sweeping service companies don’t know how to find new ways to add content to their own site.

You will succeed if you separate yourself from this group. There are compelling reasons to buck this trend and find ways to continually add content to your company’s website.

Many of your prospects are utilizing search engines to find solutions to the problems that you solve. Having even a single piece of narrowly focused educational material can separate you from competitors in ways that make your company stand out as a solutions provider.

Additionally, Google and the other major search engines reward sites that appear fresher by periodically adding content.

The trick is in finding creative ways to produce additional content for your site.

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Apr 8, 2019

1-800-SWEEPER and John Lankford Create National Pavement Maintenance Leadership Academy


1-800-SWEEPER has partnered with John Lankford of Premier Executive Forums to develop and implement a new leadership curriculum specifically designed to develop leaders for the power sweeping industry. The leadership training program is offered through the National Pavement Maintenance Leadership Academy.

Sweeping company owners and managers who attended the November 2018 Sweeper Summit and Equipment Expo Leadership Conference were introduced to John Lankford as our Keynote Speaker. A key takeaway from John’s presentation: “No organization will ever outperform its leadership team.”

In feedback from a Sweeper Summit survey, 95% of attendees identified with John’s statement that: “Training leaders to lead my business and increase profitability is important to operations and business sustainability.”

Recognizing that most of our sweeping company Partners and their employees have not had any formal leadership training and that most leadership courses and workshops wouldn’t adequately address specific nuances of the power sweeping industry, the 1-800-SWEEPER Board of Directors partnered with John Lankford to create the National Pavement Maintenance Leadership Academy. Lankford is a nationally recognized executive coach and speaker having earned a reputation in the business world for his corporate and entrepreneurial experience leading businesses and individuals on a path to success.

John is leading NPMLA, assisted by Julie Kowalski, a highly accomplished performance strategist and speaker with over 30 years of hands-on experience blending management and performance technologies to drive results.

NPMLA provides attendees a complete leadership curriculum specifically designed to develop leaders for service providers in the power sweeping industry.

The academy kicked off on February 15th and 16th in Detroit and continues throughout 2019.  NPMLA training will have 3 sessions held “on-location” with additional training through a combination of online classes, e-learning and individual and group coaching and mentoring sessions. Click here to see the complete curriculum outline (PDF)

The short video below shows one of the activities that took place during a recent NPMLA training session:

As board member Giovanni Recalde put it: “We are all busy and often we feel like we cannot afford to be without one of our key people, but if we don’t start developing leaders within our organizations now, our competitors will.”

We encourage our members to take part in this unique and vital training. If you have any questions, see npmla.com or reach out to Ben Steyer via phone or email.

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Mar 21, 2019

Meet Our New Partner: New York Maintenance Group


Nicole, Joe and Danielle

When Nicole Cicillini-Balsamo’s parents, Angelo and Marie, started New York Maintenance in 2009, they had a vision of creating a company where employees would feel like they’re part of a family. Today, with Nicole’s husband, Joe, and sister, Danielle, involved in the company, NYM Group truly is a family business.

But as Nicole tells us, it’s still important to have over 60 employees involved and feeling like they are part of the family. To help accomplish that, their company has taken several unusual steps including developing an employee and human resources software tool that keeps everyone focused on day-to-day tasks and company updates. They have also developed driver incentives to help their sweeper operators stay safe as well as productive.

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Mar 14, 2019

1-800-SWEEPER Partner Profile: Air Sweep, Inc.


Somewhere, in a family scrapbook or photo album, there is a photo of five-year-old Gary and six-year old Caroline Megliola standing in front of a sweeper. In the early 1970s, their dad, a full-time firefighter, started a parking lot maintenance job sweeping and picking by hand, eventually purchasing a small Tenant sweeper. By 1979 he purchased a new MASCO sweeper to develop a side business driving cross-country to CA to pick up a new Masco sweeper.

Air Sweep Inc. is currently helmed by Gary Megliola and partner, Nikki Serafino, along with Gary’s sister Caroline, and is still very much a family owned and operated company based in Agawam, Massachusetts. All told, the company has over forty-five years of commercial service under its belt.

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