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Apr 25, 2019

3 Tips for Creating Content to Add to Your Sweeping Company’s Website (and Why It’s Important!)


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After you’ve covered the basics – the sweeping and maintenance services your company provides – you’re out of things to write about on your website, right?

How in the world would you ever have any additional material to add to your own website?

The reality is, there’s an almost endless supply of content to be written about your industry if you know how to conceptualize it, but most sweeping service companies don’t know how to find new ways to add content to their own site.

You will succeed if you separate yourself from this group. There are compelling reasons to buck this trend and find ways to continually add content to your company’s website.

Many of your prospects are utilizing search engines to find solutions to the problems that you solve. Having even a single piece of narrowly focused educational material can separate you from competitors in ways that make your company stand out as a solutions provider.

Additionally, Google and the other major search engines reward sites that appear fresher by periodically adding content.

The trick is in finding creative ways to produce additional content for your site.

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Jan 31, 2019

Can Electronic Vehicle Inspections Save Time or Money?


Before sending your sweeper operators out on the road, it has become mandatory to have the driver perform a physical inspection of the vehicle before his or her shift begins.

An inspection confirms vehicle safety and identifies any required maintenance issues. A beginning-of-shift equipment assessment also helps the driver and equipment manager confirm that all systems are working correctly from lights to sweeping components. These inspections have traditionally been completed as a paper checklist and stored in a drawer.

Recently, Matt Dziak, the Content Marketing Manager at Fleetio, published a Vehicle Inspection Checklist: A Guide to Smarter, More Efficient Inspections. Fleetio is a 1-800-SWEEPER Vendor Partner that provides a unique customizable vehicle inspection, repair logging and maintenance notification software.

Although the software was generic at start and could apply to almost any type of fleet of vehicles, 1-800-SWEEPER Partners have been developing and fine-tuning a version specific to the needs of sweeping service contractors.

As Matt’s article points out, drivers can only complete daily vehicle inspection forms as quickly as they can assess vehicles and write. If a maintenance issue pops up, more time is added as the driver writes or draws a description of the failure. The same issues apply to post-trip inspections and identification of issues that came up during a shift as well.

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Dec 26, 2018

Important Tech Tip: Be Sure to Claim Ownership of Your Business on Google My Business


This important tech-related blog post is brought to you by NetTrack Marketing, our digital marketing vendor partner.

When searching Google for restaurants, retail stores, contractors, or other local service providers, you may have noticed that results often include specific business listings along with a map, and in many cases, reviews for each listed business. Depending on the search, you may have even noticed more prominent business listings showing images, logos, and open hours for each of the locations being listed.

All of this information is the result of Google gathering and showing information specific to individual businesses, through a program that they call Google My Business.  Because Google is always trying to improve the relevancy of their search results, Google My Business listings are becoming more-and-more prominent and important for locally-based searches.  For this reason, it is extremely important that you take ownership and optimize your company’s profile in Google My Business.

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Jun 27, 2018

Important Tech News: Avoid Your Company Website Appearing as “Not Secure” Beginning July 2018


This important tech-related blog post is brought to you by NetTrack Marketing, our digital marketing vendor partner.

July is shaping up to be a milestone month for website owners and webmasters alike. All 1‑800‑SWEEPER partners should take note – effective July 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will begin explicitly marking all non-HTTPS websites as ‘Not secure.’

If you go to your website, and “https://” is not showing in your browser’s address bar, this change will (negatively!) impact your site.

Indications of an HTTPS secure website – note the green “secure” messaging and the website address beginning with “https://” – if you don’t see these indicators on your own website, this change is going to negatively impact your business!

Beginning with Google Chrome’s next version update in July, the new ‘Not secure’ warning/messaging for websites that are not utilizing HTTPS will look like this in a user’s browser:

Google Chrome identifies HTTP-only website as ‘Not secure’

As you can see, not properly updating your website for this critical change has the potential to seriously hurt your online presence.

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