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Jun 27, 2018

Important Tech News: Avoid Your Company Website Appearing as “Not Secure” Beginning July 2018


This important tech-related blog post is brought to you by NetTrack Marketing, our digital marketing vendor partner.

July is shaping up to be a milestone month for website owners and webmasters alike. All 1‑800‑SWEEPER partners should take note – effective July 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will begin explicitly marking all non-HTTPS websites as ‘Not secure.’

If you go to your website, and “https://” is not showing in your browser’s address bar, this change will (negatively!) impact your site.

Indications of an HTTPS secure website – note the green “secure” messaging and the website address beginning with “https://” – if you don’t see these indicators on your own website, this change is going to negatively impact your business!

Beginning with Google Chrome’s next version update in July, the new ‘Not secure’ warning/messaging for websites that are not utilizing HTTPS will look like this in a user’s browser:

Google Chrome identifies HTTP-only website as ‘Not secure’

As you can see, not properly updating your website for this critical change has the potential to seriously hurt your online presence.

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