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Jul 29, 2019

Is it Time to Hit PAUSE on Using YouTube to Embed Videos on Your Website?


1-800-SWEEPER Partners can contact Ben Steyer at 419-708-7806 with any questions about these tech tips or their company’s specific digital marketing programs.

As part of an effective, holistic internet marketing presence, more companies than ever are creating and looking to share quality video content.

Some of that creative effort is meant to showcase capabilities to prospects via LinkedIn, Facebook, or YouTube. In the past 3 years or so, also showing those videos directly on that company’s own website has become much more mainstream.

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Jul 25, 2019

Vendor Partner Updates – Presented June 2019 Denver Mid-Year Meeting


During the recent Mid-Year Sweeper Meeting in Denver, Andy Williams, 1-800-SWEEPER Business Development Representative presented a quick – but informative – update on new Vendor partnerships, rebates and discount opportunities available to our sweeping service Partner companies.

Applicant Pro Logo

Andy introduced an upcoming quarterly webinar series which will be presented by our dedicated ApplicantPro Rep, Sarah Fleagle. Emailed invitations to the webinars will be sent to all 1-800-SWEEPER Partners beginning in July 2019. Sarah and ApplicantPro will be providing training to improve hiring practices and job posting.

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Jul 16, 2019

Municipal Street Cleaning: Best Practices Meets Cost Efficiency


Services provided by local governments include road repair, street cleaning, trash collection, electricity, and running water. Of these, arguably one of the easiest to successfully outsource with better cost control and a more successful outcome is street sweeping.

Keeping municipal roads swept and sanitary contributes to the safety and well-being of all citizens throughout a municipality. It is also one of the most visible signs of tax money being well (or poorly) spent.

As townships, cities, and counties look for new and innovative ways to stretch tax dollars further, street superintendents are eyeing municipal street sweeping needs with more scrutiny. Buying and maintaining a street sweeper – let alone a fleet – is expensive.

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Jul 8, 2019

Mid-Year Review Summit in Denver

Summer Meeting is a Hit with 1-800-SWEEPER Partners

1-800-SWEEPER Partners and managers, along with the staff of 1-800-SWEEPER, converged at Denver, Colorado June 13-14, 2019 for the Mid-Year Meeting. This annual event brought the group together to share best practices, resources and of course to socialize with other 1-800-SWEEPER Partners.

Short, tight roundtable discussions were led and actively participated in on subjects including managing your chart of accounts and improving your Google My Business listings. Newest staff member, Business Development Representative Andy Williams, provided a quick overview of the most recent Vendor updates including new Vendor Partners, offers and rebates (see associated story). The 33 attendees also got an introduction to 1-800-SWEEPER’s new Mechanics’ Forum which will soon be available to help mechanics troubleshoot equipment issues.

During afternoon sessions, Chris Nesbitt of Nescon introduced the group to an innovative equipment option – X Broom. Board member Matt Bawks and Executive Director Ben Steyer introduced learning session breakout groups which will give focus to roundtables held during the upcoming Sweeper Summit in Atlanta, November 7-8.

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Apr 25, 2019

3 Tips for Creating Content to Add to Your Sweeping Company’s Website (and Why It’s Important!)


1-800-SWEEPER Partners can contact Ben Steyer at 419-708-7806 with any questions about these tech tips or their company’s specific digital marketing programs.

After you’ve covered the basics – the sweeping and maintenance services your company provides – you’re out of things to write about on your website, right?

How in the world would you ever have any additional material to add to your own website?

The reality is, there’s an almost endless supply of content to be written about your industry if you know how to conceptualize it, but most sweeping service companies don’t know how to find new ways to add content to their own site.

You will succeed if you separate yourself from this group. There are compelling reasons to buck this trend and find ways to continually add content to your company’s website.

Many of your prospects are utilizing search engines to find solutions to the problems that you solve. Having even a single piece of narrowly focused educational material can separate you from competitors in ways that make your company stand out as a solutions provider.

Additionally, Google and the other major search engines reward sites that appear fresher by periodically adding content.

The trick is in finding creative ways to produce additional content for your site.

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