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Aug 13, 2018

1-800-SWEEPER Partner Profile: Clean Sweep, Inc.


An Extraordinary Example of Perseverance

The year was 1990 when Clean Sweep, Inc. began in Baker, Louisiana (a town in east Baton Rouge). “We started sweeping parking lots using a dust pan and broom,” says co-founder, Bridget Burge. “Later we added a $100 Wal-Mart lawnmower hoping to mow a few lawns, too.” The beginning may have been meager but today Clean Sweep is a company to admire.

Born Out of Need

It all started when Bridget’s business partner Warren worked at UPS and was threatened with a possible strike. “What would we do if there was no income coming in?” Out of concern of a possible job loss, the sweeping company was created. Later, in a brilliant business move spurred by fulfilling customer need, Clean Sweep added concrete and asphalt repair to their repertoire.

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Jul 30, 2018

Prepare for Disaster – It Is Coming


You’re likely aware of the flooding that occurred in Ellicott City, outside of Baltimore, MD, over a weekend at the end of May 2018. Some areas were overcome with as much as 8 inches of rain in just a few hours on a Sunday evening.

Hundreds of people had to be rescued from a rapidly rising river of brown water that rushed through Ellicott City’s historic Main Street. Buildings were toppled cars upended, as the nearby Patapsco River swelled to a record-breaking level.

Rescue personnel examine damage on Main Street after a flash flood rushed through the historic town of Ellicott City, Maryland, on May 27, 2018. (Photo: Jim Lo Scalzo, EPA-EFE)

Likely less familiar than the recent photos and video of the devastation is the fact that a very similar path of destruction ran through Ellicott City in July 2016 – less than 2 years ago.

An article in Stormwater magazine covered that event, which dropped 6.6 inches of rain in three hours on July 30, 2016. That storm and ensuing flood was termed at the time a “1,000-year” event.

Government officials and residents alike are shocked that this same area has been hit twice in less than two years by floods many considered unimaginable. Early reports say this year’s damage to infrastructure is far worse than that caused by the 2016 flooding which caused $32 million in damages.

With hurricanes in Houston and Columbia, South Carolina, New Jersey and Florida still fresh in people minds, as well as wild fires in California, flooding in Wakegan, IL, and volcanic eruption in Hawaii, the question of how to prepare for the next major natural disaster occurs to many of our 1-800-SWEEPER Partners.

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Jul 24, 2018

1-800-SWEEPER Partner Profile: Mobile Sweep Services, Inc.


Consistently Striving for a Job Well Done

That’s What Mobile Sweep Services is All About

Sunny Kanneganti and Kevin Dinh became friends in high school in the New Jersey/Philadelphia area. They went to college in different states but kept in touch through the years. “In 2016 we decided to look for a business we could acquire together,” says Sunny. “We opened up our search to a national level.”

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Jul 9, 2018

Saying Goodbye to Partner Debbie McCaskill


It is with great sadness that we inform you Deborah Pace McCaskill, owner of SouthCo Commercial Curb Appeal in Darlington, SC, passed away on June 15, 2018.  Debbie fought a brave seven-year battle against metastatic cancer and departed peacefully, surrounded by her family.

Prior to running a sweeping business, Debbie was a dedicated educator for more than 16 years with the State of South Carolina.  Her students remember her providing them with respect, encouragement and opportunity. Debbie left teaching to support her late husband Dale McCaskill’s company, SouthCo in 1990. SouthCo provides commercial property maintenance, landscaping and sweeping services in the coastal portions of North and South Carolina.  Dale and Debbie worked side-by-side, building a successful business until Dale’s untimely death in November 2011.  Despite her cancer diagnosis, Debbie assumed full-time management of SouthCo after her husband’s death.  Debbie underwent extensive treatment and surgery but never lost her fighting spirit nor did she diminish her commitment to customers and employees.  She is remembered as a compassionate employer who shielded her employees during lean times and provided extra support for staff during times of need.

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