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Warehouse Sweeping and Scrubbing Service

Clean Floors Have Multiple Benefits

Periodic, scheduled floor sweeping and scrubbing is an integral part of preventative maintenance and maintaining positive employee morale. Employees’ personal pride in the workplace and care for the facility is often tied to how well maintained you keep the workplace – including the floors. Regularly scheduled sweeping and scrubbing of your industrial plant or commercial warehouse floors using industrial grade combination  sweeper/scrubbers keeps dust and dirt from bothering employees and interfering with electronic and mechanical equipment, helping to keep your facility running smoothly.  Power cleaning is a best practice that combines environmental sensitivity with good business sense. Keep dirt and grime in its place – off your floors!


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A Complete Range of Power Sweeper Equipment and Services

We have the right industrial floor scrubbing equipment and floor cleaners to keep your commercial warehouse or logistics facility clean and running smoothly, available 24/7 and in emergency situations.  By utilizing our dedicated, well-maintained specialty equipment, you can benefit from our equipment rentals or routinely scheduled contract services.   Whether you need to contract for ongoing or one-time floor cleaning services, we have the right power warehouse sweeper/scrubber equipment for removing heavy build-ups, maintaining high traffic areas, or cleaning up during or following in-plant demolition / construction.  Put our specialized warehouse industrial sweepers and floor scrubbing experts to use to keep dirt and grime off your warehouse floors.  Industrial plant cleaning is a specialty of our team, and we will deliver our experienced and expert team and equipment to service all your commercial warehouse floor sweeping and scrubbing needs today!

What You Can Expect From Your Local 1-800-SWEEPER Partner

  • A detailed initial cost survey and proposal.
  • A customized, flexible schedule considering your hours of operation – 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
  • The right floor sweeping or scrubbing equipment for the job. We use large rider sweepers and scrubbers that can effectively vacuum and scrub simultaneously leaving a clean, dry surface behind.
  • Reliable response to your unscheduled special needs.

Experts in Floor Cleaning Services and Equipment

Let us put our years of expertise to work for you – on YOUR schedule 24 / 7. Call 1-800-SWEEPER today to get a complete needs assessment for a warehousing, storage, or working plant floor. We can decrease your costs by reducing your labor, downtime, maintenance and operating expenses. Outsourcing your commercial warehouse floor sweeping and scrubbing to 1-800-SWEEPER eliminates capital outlays for equipment purchases as well as ongoing costs of equipment maintenance, training, and personnel. If you have an ongoing need and restricted scheduling flexibility, we may also offer a rental solution. Rental of warehouse sweepers and scrubbers can be arranged without an operator by the day, week, or month.


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Contact The Industrial Plant and Warehouse Floor Power Sweeper Experts

From on-call emergency sweeping for warehousing and storage sites to scheduling regular, ongoing service, 1-800-SWEEPER gives you a dependable, value oriented sweeping solution that features only licensed, bonded, drug-tested, professionally trained environmental technicians. Finding your local Partner contact is easy – start here on our Locate Your Local Sweeping Company page.

Warehouse Managers Need Clean Industrial Flooring

Scheduled warehouse power cleaning is a preventative maintenance best practice, combining environmental care with good business sense.  Clean warehouse floors help to keep employee pride high, and regular scheduled industrial floor cleaning is the best method to achieve this goal for your workplace.  Our commercial warehouse floor scrubbing service is excellent for warehouse managers in need of industrial floor scrubbing or logistic facility floor cleaning.  Additional benefits of our warehouse sweeper services include industrial sweeper rentals or regularly scheduled warehouse scrubbing contract services. 

To request a proposal, just click here or call 1-800-SWEEPER today. By the way, does your facility need outdoor parking lot sweeping? We can help with that too!

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