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Power Washing Service

Maintain a Clean, Crisp and Fresh Image

1-800-SWEEPER Partners provide commercial pressure washing services too, also referred to as power washing,  to clean and environmentally cleanse commercial business, retail and industrial properties, hospital parking facilities and government agencies for property managers and owners.

Power Washing Experience and Expertise

To maintain your property’s value, exterior surfaces including sidewalks, parking lots, parking structures and buildings need to be cleaned regularly and often require power washing to remove built-up dirt and grime, graffiti, gum and oil stains.

When you have a large commercial building, outsourcing your pressure washing and exterior site maintenance to a 1-800-SWEEPER Partner is a wise investment. Our Partners have the proper equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently. Our professional technicians have the experience to maintain a fresh appearance of all your exterior finishes including wood, metal, stucco, vinyl, brick, concrete and stone, and they are able to clean delicate exterior accents as well as hard to reach spaces.


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Regularly Cleaning Brings Long Term Value

Stains and debris that are ignored, and not removed regularly, negatively impact the appearance of your property and long term value, by creating deferred expenses and potentially un-avoidable future repairs. In addition, grit is tracked into your business and common areas, causing interior floor damage, deterioration and increased interior cleaning. 

Having a consistent, professional pressure washing maintenance program improves your image and will add value to your property.

COVID 19 Cleaning to Mitigate Contamination

During this pandemic, our awareness of cleanliness is heightened and will continue to be a public focus for the foreseeable future. Contact 1-800-SWEEPER to maintain spotless parking lots and garages, sidewalks and entryways including graffiti removal. Now more than ever, a crisp clean appearance is a measure of your business’s respect for the safety and welfare of the surrounding community.


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Always Available When You Need Us

1-800-SWEEPER Partners are available when you need facility maintenance services. We can set up a regular pressure washing service schedule to clean your buildings, overhangs, and awnings or work on an as needed basis. We are also available in case of an emergency and can quickly respond to remove overnight graffiti and clean-up debris from an accident or spill. Our technicians are detail oriented and trained in providing environmentally friendly pressure washing services. They ensure your property is cleaned to meet your expectations while performing according to current industry standards.

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