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Dec 4, 2017

Sweeper Summit 2017 Wrap-Up


With over 120 attendees representing 42 different Member Partner companies and 17 Vendor Partners of 1-800-SWEEPER the 3-day, 2017 Sweeper Summit was a resounding success! For the fifth consecutive year, attendance at Sweeper Summit grew significantly, as did the opportunities for Partners to interact. Before the Summit even got underway, equipment manufacturer TYMCO hosted 1-800-SWEEPER Partners at the company’s Waco, TX training facility.

As in previous years, the Benchmark sessions started on the first official day, allowing participants to discuss in an open, non-competitive atmosphere key business costs for labor, insurance, equipment maintenance, tires, employee turnover, etc. as well as other, relevant metrics that drive bottom line profits and day-to-day operations within our niche sweeping service industry. This highly anticipated part of Sweeper Summit was again led by Tom Noon of Industry Insights.

As Michael Cantel President of Cantel Sweeping commented: “Sweeper Summit attendees came looking to view their numbers as cross-compared with sweeper service peers. The best part is the attendees are not your competitors, you can ask questions and they will be open and honest with you.”

Many participants consider the Benchmarking feature of Sweeper Summit to be enough for it to be recognized as the premier executive level workshop retreat in the power sweeping industry.

Best Practices Training Featured Partners and Vendors

Over the course of the first 2 days, vendor presentations were intermixed with Best Practices workshops led by Member Partners.

Some specifics: Electronic data control for fleet maintenance via Fleetio was led by Scott Duscher of Agua Trucks, Inc. in Phoenix, AZ. Gerry Kesselring (Contract Sweeping, Columbus, OH) shared his company’s experience setting up a structure and procedures for use of dashcam video recording technology provided by Drive Cam and proper review of videos following an incident. Mark Carter of Peloton Sweeping in Orange County CA took on hiring and employment screening best practices.

Digital marketing sessions included best practices for website marketing within your local reach market led by Rick Brown of NetTrack Marketing in Cleveland OH. Social media marketing – with a focus on optimizing Facebook presence – was facilitated by Derek Rayburn of Scenic City Studios in Chattanooga, TN.

Bob Holdridge of Toledo, OH demonstrated how his company – Progressive Sweeping – uses Eagle Eye Tracking which is a robust web based enterprise management tool for route and job scheduling and reporting, and also includes a billing export feature that allows export to QuickBooks.

Equipment Showcase is the Highlight

Held at the base of the Tower of the Americas in Downtown San Antonio, for many attendees the highlight of the event was a 2-hour hands-on Equipment Showcase / Cocktail Reception which provided a unique opportunity to experience some of the very newest power sweeping vehicles in the industry.

Thanks to enthusiastic participation by Elgin, Global Equipment, Masco, Nitehawk, Schwarze, TYMCO, and Well Made, this newest addition to the Sweeper Summit agenda was incredibly well received. Immediately following the Equipment Showcase, guests ascended 750 feet to the final group dinner of the 3-day event, enjoying a spectacular, panoramic view from the Observation Deck atop the Tower of the Americas.

The final half-day session featured a highly engaging, memorable keynote presentation by “Antarctic” Mike Pierce. Mike – a two-time polar marathoner – shared lessons learned about himself, business and life in general derived from his Antarctic adventures and the training required to compete in sub-zero, white-out weather conditions.

Get Ready for 2018!

Sweeper Summit is an exclusive opportunity designed for management and CEOs in the power sweeping field to receive top-tier training, industry-specific benchmarking, and more. Next year’s event is already scheduled according to 1-800-SWEEPER Marketing Director Carolyn Bell. It will be held November 7th through 9th in Las Vegas at the Lake Las Vegas Hilton. For advance notice of the event, contact Carolyn by email  or visit the Sweeper Summit website.

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Nov 4, 2015

Sweeper Summit ’15 Recap


Your 1-800-SWEEPER staff would like to thank all of the vendors, prospective partners and power sweeping company owners / management teams who attended our organization’s fourth annual Sweeper Summit. Once again expertly coordinated by Member Services Administrator Carolyn Bell, this year’s event was held in Phoenix AZ. Based on early feedback, attendees enthusiastically agree the conference was a huge success – educational, enjoyable and memorable!

Sweeper Summit 2015

Unique within our industry, Sweeper Summit has come to represent an opportunity for our membership to share best management practices and deeply understand metrics specific to sweeping service businesses. At the same time, our group continues to get fantastic personalized training, together with old friends and new partners in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

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Dec 4, 2014

Lessons Learned At Sweeper Summit 2014


If you are like most in our group, you probably walked away from this year’s Sweeper Summit with at least one game-changing idea that will have a significant impact on your business in 2015.  For some, a new piece of the puzzle fell into place during the benchmarking session.  Others learned how to leverage the power of LinkedIn or land major accounts.  Still others hit the jackpot while talking with their colleagues from other parts of the country.  Although I learned much from each of the formal presentations, for me, the most interesting idea came in the form of a card exchange.  I was visiting with Lee Miller of Pacific Sweeping after a long day of “Sweeper University” as I call it, and he asked me to make some changes to his content on  The request was simple enough—Lee is rebranding his company and in the process, he changed his business name from Cannon Pacific to Pacific Sweeping to more effectively promote his company.  At the end of our conversation, Lee handed me his business card and proudly pointed out that he dedicated the entire back of the card to highlighting his involvement with 1-800-SWEEPER.  The idea seemed brilliant at the time, and maybe I just don’t collect enough business cards from other partners, but I have to imagine there aren’t many of us following suit.  I asked Lee to explain why he used the entire back side of his business card to promote 1-800-SWEEPER, and his response was so good I decided to share his thoughts with the rest of the group.

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Dec 3, 2013

The Painted Picture: Thoughts on Sweeper Summit 2013


We have had a lot of positive feedback from partners who attended the 2013 Sweeper Summit in Detroit.  Some of this has come by word of mouth, and in other instances, folks have taken the time to write notes.  Michael Wagoner of Cantel Sweeping in Oregon had this to say:


I am back in my office today and just beginning to review with my people some of the things that happened at the Sweeper Summit.  I have to tell you, I haven’t been this excited about the future of my business and our industry for some time.  Your vision (Painted Picture) for 1800Sweeper is coming to fruition and I wish to congratulate you for getting it to this level.  Our future is very bright and you deserve to take a bow.

Ok, now get back to work.


Michael’s comments and obvious enthusiasm caught our attention, so we decided to pick up the phone and ask him to expand on his thoughts and describe his journey from being cautiously optimistic and curious about 1-800-SWEEPER to becoming an advocate for our brand.

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Nov 8, 2013

Sweeper Summit 2013: See You In Detroit


sweeper summit 2013 logoThe 2013 Sweeper Summit is just a few days away!  Those who attended the Sweeper Summit last year already have a feel for what this event is all about–fellowship, networking, and most importantly, learning things that we can use to grow our businesses–and ourselves as individuals.    For our newcomers, prepare for an amazing three days.

This year’s sweeper Summit will be bigger, better, and more informative than ever.  Our agenda includes three nationally acclaimed keynote speakers, best practice sessions, vendor displays, and more.  Attendance is open to all 1-800-SWEEPER partners, vendor/partners, and invited guests.  If you haven’t already written down the address for this year’s Sweeper Summit, here are the rest of the details:

Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center
Renaissance Center – 400 Renaissance Drive
Detroit, MI  48243

Safe travels….we hope to see you in Detroit!

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