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Enhancing Communities Through Street Sweeping Solutions

Street sweeping plays a crucial role in keeping our roads, streets, and highways safe, enhancing neighborhoods, boosting property values, and fostering community pride. Recognizing the economic and environmental impact of road and street sweeping, 1-800-SWEEPER offers city managers and homeowner associations cost-effective solutions to maintain clean streets.


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Community and Neighborhood Street Sweeping Service Needs

Clean streets contribute to a community’s success and environmental preservation, making outsourcing an attractive option for those facing rising capital equipment and labor costs. Outsourcing street sweeping services ensures a specialized and focused approach to cleanliness, providing communities with expertise that may not be available in-house. It also allows municipalities to scale their cleaning efforts up or down based on seasonal needs or special events without the burden of managing additional employees or equipment.

Environmental Considerations

Each year, the municipal street sweeping services offered by our Partners help to divert millions of pounds of dust, debris, and dirt that might otherwise end up in the air we breathe and our waterways. At 1-800-SWEEPER, we share your desire to be good stewards of the earth. Preventing contaminated stormwater runoff and controlling fugitive dust demonstrates your community’s commitment to the environment.

A cost effective street sweeping program also keeps your community in compliance with TODAY’s local, state, and federal environmental regulations and avoids the costly fines associated with non-compliance. Going green will save you green!


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Street Sweeping Solutions to Fit Your Needs and Budget

As HOAs and municipalities face financial challenges, administrations are scrutinizing street sweeping needs more closely. Rising costs and environmental mandates have led many HOAs and municipalities to turn to power sweeping companies like 1-800-SWEEPER to provide cost-effective street and road cleaning services. Our Partners offer street sweeping services based on hourly, daily, or contract needs, accommodating the specific requirements and budget constraints of public works administrators.

Reasons to Call 1-800-SWEEPER for Your Street Sweeping Solution:


Improve Neighborhood Street Safety and Aesthetics

Cost-Effective Street Sweeping

Environmental Regulatory Compliance

Dependable and Value-Oriented Solutions

Modern Equipment and Efficient Operations

Flexible Budget and Service Options

Expertise, Experience, and Professionalism

Local and Knowledgeable Street Sweeping Contractors

Street Sweeping Experience You Can Count On

1-800-SWEEPER offers a dependable, value-oriented sweeping solution, employing licensed, insured, drug-tested, and professionally trained environmental technicians. The use of modern, electronically dispatched equipment and street sweeping trucks by reliable drivers employed by our Partners, helps communities control costs associated with street sweeping. Whether on an hourly, daily, or contract basis, our Partners provide detailed cost surveys and road sweeping proposals tailored to your community’s specifications.


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Clean city streets, local roads, highways, main thoroughfares, major roads, airport runways, central business district streets (CBD), county roads, and locally maintained stretches of freeway, not only promote community pride but also contribute to environmental preservation. Keep rising capital equipment and labor costs in check by relying on 1-800-SWEEPER for dependable, value-oriented commercial street sweeping solutions. Our Partner’s licensed, bonded, drug-tested, and professionally trained environmental technicians ensure the highest-quality service.

For more information on HOA and municipal road sweeping services or to request a quote, call 1-800-SWEEPER today.

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