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Power Sweep Services

David Powell, Kenner, LA

Power Sweep Services, LLC is a locally owned and operated company that keeps quality and customer service at the top of their priorities. Since Power Sweep Services began in 2005, business has increased each year along with the range of services that are provided. Owned and led by David Powell, they provide services to SE Louisiana and surrounding areas. Power Sweep Services pride themselves on their reputation for providing the exterior maintenance services wanted by their customers.

“We have added a number of services in order to better serve our new and existing customers,” says owner, David Powell.

“We quickly learned that our sweeping customers would prefer working with one capable company on all of their exterior maintenance needs. In the years since we began back in 2005, we have strived to become that type of full-service company.”

Communication is a key factor in our quality.

Along with providing a wide variety of exterior maintenance services, Power Sweep Services, LLC ensures an extremely responsive line of communication with all of their existing and potential customers.

“The one thing that we have always made sure throughout the years is to remain responsive to our customers,” says Powell.

“We always make a point to return phone calls and emails the same day they are received. We have had situations where a customer has requested an emergency clean up in the middle of the night. We were there to take the call when it came in and provide immediate service to our customer.”

Power Sweep Services not only provides sweeping services but also line striping pressure washing and graffiti removal.

We are glad to have David a part of the 1-800-SWEEPER organization.

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Partner Profile: Sweep Masters, Moss Point, MS


We’re profiling one of our newer members, Cheryl Meyer, owner of Sweep Masters in Moss Point, MS. Cheryl is an Affiliate Member of 1-800-SWEEPER.

Cheryl started in the sweeping business working for Don Odom, then original founding owner of Sweep Masters, in 2003 as Don’s secretary. About six months into Cheryl’s employment, Don called her in the middle of the night to help sweep parking lots. A lot of his employees had quit all at once and he needed her help. Cheryl states,  “I started learning to drive a sweeper truck that night, and I’ve been in the sweeper business now since I was 23 years old. I continued helping on the routes until Don eventually got more employees, and I went back to my secretarial job in the office. He’d call me occasionally and say, “Do you want to learn to do some construction sweeping?” Or, he’d teach me other stuff sweeper truck drivers need to learn. Eventually, I learned it all and I started training new hires.”

Cheryl would eventually buy into the business in 2005, became president in 2015, and in August of 2019 became sole owner, because Don had to retire early due to illness. Today, they have 10 employees, plus Meyer. Sweep Masters had been operating two offices, one in Biloxi, MS and the other in Theodore, AL. They purchased a building in Moss Point, MS that’s much bigger and is in the middle of their service area, and they’ve streamlined operations by moving their whole operation into the Moss Point location.

Sweep Masters serves a 65-mile radius. That may seem like a big distance to cover, but the area is not very dense with shopping centers. Being on the Coastline, they go 65 miles east and west, but only 10 miles north (and south, in Alabama).

Meyer has grown the business over the years and provides quality power sweeping and property maintenance services. Quality, professionalism, and excellent customer service are traits Don Odom started, and even though he is no longer with us, those traits are still the framework that Sweep Masters runs on today.

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Welcome New 1-800-SWEEPER Partner: Tim Toler, Clean Sweep Lot Services, Indianapolis, IN  

We’d like to welcome Tim Toler of Clean Sweep Lot Services in Indianapolis to the 1-800-SWEEPER family. Tim makes a great addition our organization and we’re glad to have him.

From starting with a broom and a wheelbarrow, Tim Toler has grown his company a long way. For eight years Tim Toler, now president of Clean Sweep Lot Service, Inc., did outside maintenance for a developer. Noticing that a store in the area wasn’t keeping its lot clean, Toler contacted the manager, who put him in contact with the management company. He not only got a contract to do that property, but nine others managed by the same firm.

For a couple years, Toler and his son continued to clean the properties by hand, all while continuing with his full-time day job. Coupled with starting to go to church on a regular basis, he says he came to the realization that there was enough money in other people’s trash to quit his regular job and go full time with sweeping.

Deciding that if he was going to have truck payments then he’d just as well have a new sweeper, Toler went out on a limb and bought a new Schwarze 347-I. After having walked lots for many years in his work for the developer, with sparing use of a Tennant sweeper — walking the soles off many pairs of shoes in the process — the overnight transition was enormous.

At first, he found himself still spending four to five hours on a property that previously took eight but now should be done in about three. Even then, one property manager simply could not be made happy. “However, I came to a realization,” Toler says, “that my time had to be worth much more than $10 an hour. That was the beginning of figuring out my actual costs and the pricing that needed to go with it.”

Toler credits his company’s growth with providing a good end product for his customer and always doing whatever he says he’ll do, period. That has brought him both growth and a high degree of customer loyalty.

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Welcome Clean Sweep of Orlando


We’d like to welcome the newest 1-800-SWEEPER Partner, Mike Kirchner of Clean Sweep of Orlando. Mike is relatively new to the sweeping business. After living in Atlanta for the last twenty years his family recently moved to Winter Park Florida, a suburb of Orlando.  He has been happily married for 15 years, has two children and a dog named Bob Seger after his upbringing in Michigan.  Recently, he bought Clean Sweep of Orlando after spending 25 years in Corporate America.  Mike grew up in an entrepreneurial home and it was always a goal of his to run and own his own business.  “I wanted to spend all of my time and energy working on my customers behalf and less on the bureaucracy in corporate America”, says Kirchner.  Clean Sweep of Orlando was formed in 1986 and used to be the largest Parking Lot Sweeping company in Orlando.   Business has dwindled over the years and Mike’s goal is to return it to that stature once again.  Clean Sweep of Orlando offers power sweeping, portering, janitorial services, pressure washing and landscape maintenance. They also perform graffiti removal, parking lot striping and pothole repair.

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