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Porous Pavement Cleaning

BMPs For Cleaning Porous Pavement

To provide our Partner companies with some background on permeable pavement and a Best Management Practice (BMP) checklist for the care and maintenance of pervious pavement areas, we requested assistance from 1-800-SWEEPER Board Member, Gerry Kesselring. Gerry previously participated in a day-long workshop/conference along with Ohio Department of Natural Resources, National Ready Mix Concrete Association, Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, and Flexible Pavements of Ohio.

The workshop provided an opportunity for material suppliers, construction inspectors, local agency employees and contractors involved in stormwater management (CPESC, CESSWI, CMS4S & CPSWQ) to learn recommended design, inspection and maintenance of permeable pavement as a part of long-lasting stormwater management pavement surfaces.

Permeable Pavement Background

Pervious paving, also called porous paving, gap-graded paving, permeable paving, or enhanced porosity paving, is increasingly being used as part of a stormwater management design to reduce stormwater runoff and replenish aquifers.

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