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Retail Parking Lot Sweeping & Commercial Areas Parking Lot Cleaning

The appearance of your paved surfaces is the first impression people have when approaching your retail, business, or commercial property and a clean crisp presentation is an inviting image. From large shopping malls to one-off strip centers, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities, establishing a budget for maintaining regularly scheduled power sweeping services delivers appealing and clean parking surfaces surrounding your buildings. Surveys have documented that consumers judge the quality of a shopping and/or commercial facility by the cleanliness of its exterior areas including parking lots.


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Routine Parking Lot Sweeping – Primary Areas Of Responsibility

The asphalt and concrete surfaces in your parking lot represent a significant investment, so it makes good business sense to keep them clean. Power sweeping of all hard surfaces, via a Mechanical Broom truck or Vacuum truck, is the key component of an ongoing parking lot maintenance program for your retail facility. This may also include portering services for power blowing sidewalks, corners, loading docks plus cleaning trash from islands and perimeter grounds, as well as emptying trash receptacles and replacing trash can liners. 

As experts in power sweeping, our 1-800-SWEEPER Partners recognize that the effectiveness of lot sweeping extends beyond mere surface aesthetics; it includes multiple considerations such as the proper equipment, the nature of the debris, and sweeping frequency. Optimizing lot sweeping operations also requires a thorough understanding and consideration of multiple variables, including site dimensions, layout intricacies, traffic flow, and the types of debris present and its accumulation rate. By utilizing these insights, our power sweeping professionals can execute tailored strategies and plans that minimize resource utilization while maximizing your lot’s cleanliness.

1-800-SWEEPER can custom-tailor cleaning services to match the needs of your shopping mall, strip center or general commercial area – up to seven days per week, night or day. Our night crews are scheduled to minimize customer disruptions, working generally between 10pm and 6am.

Scheduled Maintenance - “Makes Good Business Sense - Curbline to the Bottom Line!”

 In addition to removing unsightly debris, a routine parking lot sweeping  service removes abrasive dirt, sand, and other grit known to shorten the life of your parking area pavement, striping, and seal coating. The typical cost of repaving or repairing a parking lot often exceeds the cost of regularly scheduled parking lot sweeper cleaning.  Furthermore, it is well documented that parking lot cleanliness is a major factor when judging the quality of a business or retail area, residential community or commercial space. What doesn’t get cleaned from the pavement surfaces surrounding your business gets tracked into your store or building, increasing wear and tear on interior floor surfaces and the expense of janitorial services. Along with our parking lot sweepers, we also offer pressure washer cleaning service options.


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Regional and Nationwide Contract Sweeping Services

We understand that facility managers’ time is precious. Corporate accounts management always suggests reducing the number of vendors. But somehow, your ever-growing “Contract Vendor” list likely already feels unmanageable. Let our professional contract cleaning service team actively work with you to develop a single point of responsibility to maintain your commercial and retail parking lots and garages at multiple locations – across a region or across the country.

Single Point of Responsibility

With just one parking lot sweeping and cleaning business contact for billing, routing and quality control, you could have a dependable, professional workforce keeping your reputation sparkling clean in the eyes of your clientele. We understand each location is unique, and our experienced and knowledgeable team will create a detailed service plan before we start, to ensure your site(s) are maintained to your specifications without service disruptions.


Environmental Impact Concerns Addressed

Because our local sweeping service contractors are trained in environmental impact reduction and pollution control techniques, we understand and can help you address specific issues related to stormwater runoff, dust mitigation and other environmental concerns. You can rest assured that we understand both your retail parking lot cleaning needs and how to keep your company strictly compliant with TODAY’s local, state, and federal environmental regulations. Power Sweeping is a best practice that combines environmental sensitivity with good business sense.


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1-800-SWEEPER gives you a single, efficient sweeping solution. From routine daily or weekly parking lot sweeping, to hourly, on-call sweeping services, to stormwater pollution prevention sweeping, you can rely on our DOT compliant sweeper trucks and our licensed, bonded, drug-tested, professionally trained environmental technicians. To learn more about contract sweeping for regional commercial or residential lots or to find a sweeper near you, contact 1-800-SWEEPER today.

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