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1-800-SWEEPER at Pave/X in San Antonio, 2024

We had a great show at Pave/X in San Antonio Jan 30-Feb 1!  Many thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and took the time to learn more about 1-800-SWEEPER. Productive conversations were had with future Partners and Vendor Partners, discussing the benefits of joining our organization.

Our 1-800-SWEEPER Partners in attendance also stopped by to re-connect with us while helping hand out 1-800-SWEEPER stocking hats and other promotional items.

Thanks to NAPSA for hosting another Sweepers’ Night Out, where 1-800-SWEEPER was once again a co-sponsor. This year a Bourbon & Tequila Tasting, a display of take-home local spice samples, as well as a cigar station were all part of the festivities.

Congratulations to our Partner, Dustin Moist, from Cantel Sweeping in Portland, OR for being named the 2024 Ironmarkets Sweeper of the Year. We congratulate Dustin and his team on this accomplishment!

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1-800-SWEEPER at NPE 2023

Many thanks to everyone that visited our booth at NPE in Charlotte. Productive conversations were had with future Partners and Vendor Partners, discussing the benefits of joining our organization. Our 1-800-SWEEPER Partners also stopped by to re-connect with us while helping hand out 1-800-SWEEPER t-shirts and promotional items.

Thank you to NAPSA for hosting another successful Sweepers’ Night Out, where 1-800-SWEEPER was once again a co-sponsor. The 80’s Game Night theme was fun as well as the scavenger hunt.

Congratulations to our Partner, Cole Watts, from More Clean of Texas for being named the 2023 Pavement Maintenance Magazine’s Sweeper of the Year. More Clean of Texas has been providing exterior maintenance in Texas since 2004. We congratulate Cole and his team on this tremendous accomplishment!

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1-800-SWEEPER at NPE Charlotte


1-800-SWEEPER was on display at NPE, February 23-25 in Charlotte. Though crowds were less than in previous years, it was a very successful show for the national brand.

Mike Lucht, President and Ben Steyer, Executive Director from 1-800-SWEEPER were facilitators of a roundtables during the NAPSA sponsored Best Practices for Sweepers session Thursday morning. The session was led by 1-800-SWEEPER Partner, Chris Dick. Their presentation focused on driving organizational excellence by developing a culture of leadership.

There was a lot going on in the 1-800-SWEEPER booth too! Attendees visiting the booth registered to win a $200 NAPA gift card; our winner was Michael Bocchino of Unlimited Contracting in Brick, NJ. On Thursday afternoon, complimentary beverages and snacks were served to those that visited the booth.  Two new Sweeper Man service videos were launched during the show as well. These videos were produced by one of the leading creative agencies in the world and are available for 1-800-SWEEPER Partners to use in their own digital marketing campaigns. On Thursday evening, 1-800-SWEEPER was, once again, a co-sponsor of NAPSA’s annual Sweeper’s Night Out event, which was held at Southbound restaurant in Downtown Charlotte.

1-800-SWEEPER continues to grow and evolve with new and exciting marketing tools and tactics that promote the brand and our partner companies. If you’re interested in learning more about the many benefits of becoming a partner, contact Ben Steyer at bsteyer@1800sweeper.com

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1-800-SWEEPER Celebrating 10 Years of Growth and Accomplishments


It’s been nearly 10 years since 1-800-SWEEPER burst onto the power sweeping industry scene in August of 2011. Armed with a vision, a powerful vanity phone number and the support of 22 sweeping company owners, Mike Lucht began what remains to be the only co-op organization in the sweeping industry. Headquartered in Toledo, OH, 1-800-SWEEPER now boasts 40 buying group Vendor Partners and 55 Member Partners representing market coverage of over 95 area codes across the United States accounting for 18 of the top 20 metro markets and 50% of the country’s population. “When we launched the organization, there was no play book to guide us and we weren’t sure how it was going to be received in order to attract enough like-mind company owners to make it work,” says Lucht, President of the organization. “It’s been a work in progress, and we’ve made some great strides over the last 10 years, while building many strong relationships along the way. No one expected it was going to be easy, but the challenge has been an extremely rewarding experience.”  But make it work they did, and 1-800-SWEEPER is proud of their accomplishments and the contributions they have made to the businesses represented in the group and the power sweeping industry in general.

Launching the 1800sweeper.com website in October 2011 was the first step in getting the start-up organization off the ground and introducing the brand.  What began as a service directory of sweeping companies across the country quickly grew into something much more. Today, 700 pages later, it is not only a market resource for service contractor information, but also provides educational content on the sweeping industry as a whole; including the various types of equipment recommended for specific job applications, the different services each Partner company offers, as well as employment opportunity postings resulting in the creation of the highest revenue producing website in the industry. The value of the service requests over the past ten years has been very impressive. Partners have received over 32,000 leads conservatively valued at over $20,000,000.  With a 24/7 Call Center and the development of the 800 App, service requests can be easily responded to on an immediate basis. “Getting the service requests to our Partners the quickest way possible was important. It has been documented that the quicker the response the greater the chance is of securing the business. We believe providing a timely response and quality service is one of the reasons why clients choose us” says Ben Steyer, Executive Director of 1-800-SWEEPER.

There have been many other milestones and achievements along the way. The organization’s slogan is “More Than a Number!”, and that, it certainly is! Not only do they have the #1 website and vanity number in the power sweeping industry, but they have also created a successful co-op buying group for their Partners. Leveraging the combined buying power of the group is an integral part of the organization’s foundation. The co-op enables Partners to take advantage of exclusive discounts on the purchase of equipment and supplies needed to run and grow their business, as well as earning rebates in return. Andy Williams, Business Development Rep for 1-800-SWEEPER, says “We strive to have vendors in the group that our Partners find beneficial. Vendor Partner agreements with Schwarze, ELGIN, Keystone Plastics, NAPA and many more are instrumental to our Partners and their growth.” The original intent and goal of the organization’s business model was to have all Partners’ membership fees covered by the savings and rebates they receive from the buying group and numerous Partners are doing just that! We bring a lot more to the table than just service leads, which are designed to be provided FREE.”     

Another attractive benefit of being a 1-800-SWEEPER Partner is the annual Sweeper Summit. “We’ve all gone to industry trade shows that are predominately geared toward paving contractors. So, we decided it was time to create our own, just for the power sweeping industry. The educational content of the conference has been well received, and the addition of the outdoor, hands-on Equipment Expo was the icing on the cake. It’s a lot of work planning the event, but it’s been well worth it in the end.” says Carolyn Bell, Director of Marketing for 1-800-SWEEPER. “The Sweeper Summit began in 2012 as a small Partner meeting in Detroit with 20 people. Today the event is a full-blown industry specific conference with over 200 attendees and outdoor equipment displays – attendance grows every year and attendees love the outdoor venue. It’s been a great addition!”   

While these last 10 years have been a growing and maturation period for the organization, and the whole industry for that matter, Mike Lucht feels they have found their footing, “Our executive team is ready to take on the challenges ahead, in the years to come. We have introduced many new programs to our Partners and the sweeping industry over the years; the Sweeper Sim – our sweeper operator training simulator, the National Pavement Maintenance Leadership Academy (NPMLA), the 800 Foundation; which recently raised over $60,000 for the Veterans Matter organization, along with the other innovations mentioned earlier. We will continue to evolve and move forward, bringing new ideas and innovations to the industry. We’ve only revealed the tip of the iceberg.”


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Construction in Focus Reports on 1-800-SWEEPER’s Commitment to Giving Back

Last year, Business in Focus reported on the organization’s history, growth, and success. This year, we caught up again with Founder and President, Mike Lucht, to learn about 1-800-SWEEPER’s commitment to giving back.

Commitment to Giving Back

1-800-SWEEPER raised $65,492 for Veterans Matter in 2020. Veterans Matter is a Toledo, Ohio-based non-profit that brings private sector resources and Veterans Affairs (VA) resources together to house veterans in VA-supported housing as quickly as possible. The non-profit’s innovative, cloud-based rapid resource response, carried out in partnership with the VA’s homeless veteran’s program, allows veterans to access housing in a matter of minutes, rather than the standard thirty-day to sixty-day waiting period. Basically, donations are used to pay deposits directly to a landlord to get veterans and their families housed right away.

To raise money for Veterans Matter, the 1-800-SWEEPER team asked for pledges from Partners as well as from individuals and organizations outside of the 1-800-SWEEPER umbrella. Partners like Lucht “reached out to friends, family, customers,” anyone who might be willing to help a veteran in need. “I went through my phone list and sent many text messages and sent off the flyer that we created and just broadcasted it to anybody and everybody because there is no exclusion here—everybody can participate in a campaign such as that, so it wasn’t specific to people in our industry,” Lucht says.

1-800-SWEEPER Foundation

The 1-800-SWEEPER Foundation is another way that the organization gives back. The brainchild of Lucht, the organization launched the foundation in 2016 to serve Partner companies’ local communities throughout the United States. “We earn our money in the communities that we live in, and we try to identify the needs within the communities of our Partners that on occasion might need a little boost,” Lucht says. “We are all privately owned small businesses that have a commitment to give back.”

Funds go to a variety of needs including qualified environmental and community beautification projects, local Wounded Warriors programs, and natural disaster relief. For example, the foundation donated a substantial sum to help rebuild Gatlinburg, Tennessee after a wildfire ravaged the Smokey Mountain community. In addition, $10,000 of the $65,492 raised for Veterans Matter came from the 1-800-SWEEPER Foundation.

As 1-800-SWEEPER celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, the team is eager to keep moving forward as they look back over a decade of supporting local communities and successfully bringing the industry together. “We’ve accomplished some things that I think most people in this industry never thought would ever happen in terms of creating a successful cooperative,” Lucht says.

If you’d like to donate to the 1-800-SWEEPER Foundation, please visit www.toledocf.org/1800sweeper.


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