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Buying Group Discounts

From the 1-800-SWEEPER Newsroom: Go Gold and Save Big on Tires from Local Dealers

1-800-SWEEPER is now offering a new buying group initiative to help us all secure substantial savings on tires and tire related service.  From testing the program prior to launch, amongst partners currently using the brands available in The Gold Program, we project savings between $20 and $40 per tire at the point of purchased before rebate.  For those who expressed initial concerns that we might have to settle on a common tire or brand for the entire group, we listened and we have you covered!  The Gold Program features a wide variety of quality and price point selection, across multiple brands.  Whether you need tires for your sweepers or one of the family cars, The Gold Program can get you into new tires at a great price, when and where you need them, so please take the time to explore this opportunity.   Here are some of the details

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