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Vendor Partner - Fleetio

Vendor Partner - Fleetio

Fleetio is the all-in-one fleet management software for fleets of all sizes. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 assets, Fleetio gives you everything you need to manage them. Plan and carry out both in-house and third-party maintenance, conduct inspections, track fuel, parts & inventory, work orders, vehicle location and more! Even link vehicles together to better manage associated assets.

Fleetio tracks everything that affects your vehicles to give you insight into operating expenses, utilization, real cost per mile and more, all in one place.

  • Real-time cost per mile is automatically calculated for each vehicle. This powerful metric shows your fleet expenses by utilization and helps compare vehicles.
  • Upload lease contracts, warranty details and other important documents. Add photos for better vehicle identification or recording damage.
  • Store custom attributes about your vehicles and sort them any way you choose. Custom fields can be open text fields, date fields or drop-downs with predefined values for data consistency.
  • Automate maintenance tracking from third-party vendors. Set business rules for routine maintenance approvals and receive one consolidated monthly bill for all your national and independent shops.
  • Build custom inspection checklists and have drivers conduct their inspections via a mobile app. Customize workflows so that failed items automatically trigger alerts and kick off maintenance processes quickly, keeping your vehicles FMCSA compliant and reducing downtime.
  • Import vehicle data at any time. Bulk update your vehicle data by exporting it, editing it in your favorite spreadsheet program and re-importing it.
  • Plan, schedule and carry out in-house maintenance with Work Orders. See parts and labor subtotals for line items, and log which parts were used and which mechanic(s) did the work.
  • Manage details about your fleet’s parts like manufacturer information, part location and photos all in one place. Track part allocation for work done on your vehicles and record part usage in Work Orders. Set up reminder notifications for any preventive maintenance or other service task (e.g. oil change, PM-A, etc). Subscribe multiple users to any reminder, including renewal reminders (tag renewal, insurance, etc).
  • Enter fill ups on the go or connect popular fuel cards like WEX, Comdata and Fleetcor. Get cost per mile and MPG (or KM) metrics at your fingertips. Break down fuel spend for every vehicle by location, making IFTA reporting a breeze.

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