Monthly Photo Contest – Show Off Your City and Sweepers

Monthly Photo Contest – Show Off Your City and Sweepers


Announcing a new opportunity for your sweeper truck operators to submit a photo of a truck and enter a monthly drawing for $100 worth of Amazon Gift cards!

We’re looking for ways to show off our Partner’s vehicles sporting the 1-800-SWEEPER phone number. We figured the perfect way to get some colorful pictures is to have sweeper operators take pictures and submit them directly through the website. Cell phone pictures are fine!

Starting July 10th, 2017, operators can submit up to 2 photos per month. Each picture gives one opportunity to be included in the drawing. Each month 4 lucky sweeper operators will be randomly chosen and each will receive a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card by mail.

We’re looking for colorful photos that help show an interesting landmark in your local area or a dramatic shot of the sweeper truck in action. Of course, safety being the priority, PLEASE REQUEST THAT YOUR DRIVERS NOT TAKE ANY RISKS WHILE CREATING A PICTURE TO SUBMIT.

The website address to submit pictures is We look forward to being able to publish lots of “action shots” in the months ahead.