The Value of the 1-800-SWEEPER Vanity Phone Number | 1-800-SWEEPER

The Value of the 1-800-SWEEPER Vanity Phone Number

The Value of the 1-800-SWEEPER Vanity Phone Number


1-800-SWEEPER offers partners an incredible value proposition based on cooperative marketing initiatives, collective buying power, and a shared knowledge base not found elsewhere in our industry.  Although we join 1-800-SWEEPER for different reasons, it is this mix of ideas that takes a sweeping contractor from a prospect to a partner that advocates for our brand.  Sometimes all of the emphasis on this trio of concepts causes us to lose sight of a very simple idea:  our vanity phone number, 1-800-SWEEPER.

If you haven’t already placed our vanity toll free number on all of your trucks yet, here is a list of the top reasons to do so.

Industry specific vanity phone numbers are hard to acquire.  We’ve done the hard part for you!

Vanity numbers are easy to remember.  The bulk of the inquiries in the sweeping service business are phone based—make it easy for potential and existing customers to contact you when a need arises.

Using 1-800-SWEEPER keeps potential customers off the search engines and out of the phone book when they are looking for a sweeping company.

A toll free vanity number works hand in hand with word-of –mouth advertising.  When someone asks who they should call for sweeping, a friend or colleague can mention your company name, along with an easy to remember number:  1-800-SWEEPER.

With the 1-800-SWEEPER number on your trucks, you’ll look like the leader in your local market.

The explosion of new area codes and mandatory ten digit dialing found in many areas across the country is confusing.  A toll free vanity number is simple.

Toll free numbers send a powerful message.  Picking up the cost of the call tells prospective customers your company is committed to customer service.

This is just a short list of reasons to include 1-800-SWEEPER decals on all of your trucks.  If you haven’t already added the vanity number decals to your trucks, what are you waiting for?  Leveraging your investment in your 1-800-SWEEPER program to the fullest makes good business sense.  To learn more about how to get started promoting your business with the 1-800-SWEEPER toll free number, contact Carolyn Bell for more information.