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$175,000 in Rebates with More to Follow

During Sweeper Summit 2017 in San Antonio, qualifying 1-800-SWEEPER Partner companies were presented checks totaling over $46,000.00. This distribution capped a year of growing rebate dollars that totaled over $101,000.00 which were earned between November 2016 and November 2017.

Rebate checks being handed out during Sweeper Summit 2016

“When we started looking for opportunities to give value to Partners of 1-800-SWEEPER we envisioned discounts from our vendors as one of the key benefits,” said Greg Blair, Executive Director for 1-800-SWEEPER. “In addition, we thought that rebates based on our increased purchases from those vendors would be a valued added element. We are pleased that this concept has been readily embraced by such prominent vendors and validated by the growth of our buying group rebate program.”

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Lessons Learned At Sweeper Summit 2014


If you are like most in our group, you probably walked away from this year’s Sweeper Summit with at least one game-changing idea that will have a significant impact on your business in 2015.  For some, a new piece of the puzzle fell into place during the benchmarking session.  Others learned how to leverage the power of LinkedIn or land major accounts.  Still others hit the jackpot while talking with their colleagues from other parts of the country.  Although I learned much from each of the formal presentations, for me, the most interesting idea came in the form of a card exchange.  I was visiting with Lee Miller of Pacific Sweeping after a long day of “Sweeper University” as I call it, and he asked me to make some changes to his content on www.1800Sweeper.com.  The request was simple enough—Lee is rebranding his company and in the process, he changed his business name from Cannon Pacific to Pacific Sweeping to more effectively promote his company.  At the end of our conversation, Lee handed me his business card and proudly pointed out that he dedicated the entire back of the card to highlighting his involvement with 1-800-SWEEPER.  The idea seemed brilliant at the time, and maybe I just don’t collect enough business cards from other partners, but I have to imagine there aren’t many of us following suit.  I asked Lee to explain why he used the entire back side of his business card to promote 1-800-SWEEPER, and his response was so good I decided to share his thoughts with the rest of the group.

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