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New Partner Profile – West Michigan Sweeper


west-michigan-sweeping-logoBefore they were even officially on board as a 1-800-SWEEPER Partner company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Mat and Stephanie Andrews had the opportunity to attend a 1-800-SWEEPER Regional meeting outside Chicago in April. It was at that meeting, sharing information, strategies, and operating tips with other like-minded members of the 1-800-SWEEPER Partner companies, that Rich Katz of TKG Environmental Services Group suggested an educational approach to selling sweeping services to property managers contrasting Common Area Maintenance Costs (CAM) vs. capital costs.

Right then and there, Mat was sold on becoming part of the shared bond that exists between members of the 1-800-SWEEPER extended family of companies.

10 years prior, Mat was a project manager at a security company and had looked at purchasing an existing sweeping company in the Grand Rapids, MI area. When that deal fell through, Mat and Stephanie didn’t abandon the shift to entrepreneurship – they simply delayed it.

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