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Water Quality: Why Street Sweeping is so Important

Water Quality: Why Street Sweeping is so Important


Water is one of our most important natural resources and protecting that resource should be a top priority for business and individuals. There are many things that most people are aware of that impact water quality, however, some of the things that affect it the most go unnoticed. Street sweeping is, in fact, one of the best things cities and business owners can invest in for proper stormwater management and few people thinking of it this way. Consider the impact on water quality with these environmental results of street sweeping.

Stormwater Management

In one California city, a single year of street sweeping kept 220,000 pounds of debris out of storm drains. Different sweepers make a difference on how much is picked up. In this case, the Tymco 500x is used and is especially good at capturing miniscule particles. All sweepers do apart to prevent water and air pollution and to keep storm drains from getting backed up.

Wildlife Protection

Often roadside debris is not limited to normal or natural things like leaves and dirt. Unfortunately, humans add a particularly bad brand of garbage by tossing food and food containers on the roadside. This material often attracts animals out of their natural environment and into roadways where they are injured or killed.  Also, much of this food just isn’t healthy for animals. There are also containers and plastic pieces that can present choking hazards or be tangled around an animal’s body, wing, or leg.

Wetland Impact and Decreased Property Value

Runoff with high amounts of debris also damages wetlands leading to an unlivable environment for plant and animal life. Additionally, this ruins the aesthetics of these natural areas and can even bring down the value of surrounding properties.

Removal of Metal

Metal particles are a common part of the roadside debris that comes from vehicles and trash. These metals are detrimental to water life and other animals and even create air pollution by bonding to larger pieces. Larger metal pieces and other objects like rocks can also cause damage to cars, mostly by scraping the finish or hitting the underside.

Street sweeping is an often overlooked yet very important part of keeping our roads, waterways and air clean, but this nearly silent service has great impact. Stay on top of your sweeping needs with 1-800-SWEEPER and do your part to keep your city clean and safe with our many local contractors available 24/7.