Heavy Rains Bring Big Revenue for 1-800-Sweeper | 1-800-SWEEPER

Heavy Rains Bring Big Revenue for 1-800-Sweeper

Heavy Rains Bring Big Revenue for 1-800-Sweeper


When it rains it pours!

Along with sun and fun, summer also brings rainfall at torrential levels. As flood cleanup calls pour in (no pun intended) we are working hard to keep our customers happy, safe and dry this season.  Flood Cleanup Services

24/7 Flood Cleanup

Our 24/7 call center allows us to take requests at any time of day or night to ensure rapid management of wet weather conditions to decrease damage to property and costs associated with delayed storm cleanup. When we receive a call we are able to immediately forward them to our 1800SWEEPER partners for quick, local deployment. Storm Cleanup Service

Rising Revenue

We have just rolled out our freshly redesigned website and implemented a re-targeted marketing campaign to make our business even stronger, more profitable, and better equipped to serve our customers.  This will add to our already $2,000,000 in service call revenue generated from the www.1800SWEEPER.com website so far! We look forward to continuing to prove why 1-800-SWEEPER is an industry leader by consistently growing and improving.

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