And the Winners Are…… | 1-800-SWEEPER

And the Winners Are……

And the Winners Are……


Wells Sweeping - Sacramento, California

During the weeks leading up to this year’s National Pavement Expo, we asked 1-800-SWEEPER members to submit photos with our logo and number displayed on their sweepers.  Using 1-800-SWEEPER logos creates a billboard on wheels.  Potential customers in your local service area will see your sweeper trucks at job-sites…and it is easier to remember a number like 1-800-SWEEPER than a company name, or even a local phone number.  Placing our logo and 1-800-SWEEPER number on yours trucks adds to your existing marketing efforts, and all of the phone inquiries received from your local service area are routed to your company.

Getting back to NPE, we thought it would be fun to show a slide show of members displaying the logo and toll free number.  We received entries from all over the country and after careful deliberation, we are ready to announce the winners of this year’s photo contest.  Jay Wells and the crew at Wells Sweeping in Sacramento, California submitted a photo that will be incorporated into the animated header area of the 1-800-SWEEPER home page.  We would like to thank all who contributed photos for the contest and would like to remind members that using the 1-800-SWEEPER logo and number on all of your sweepers is a great idea…it may just help you land that great piece of new business too.  For more information about truck logos, please contact our member coordinator, Carolyn Bell.  If you haven’t already put the 1-800-SWEEPER number on your sweepers, get started today!

Here are the rest of the winning  photos submitted for the contest:

Armstrong Sweeping - Denver, Colorado


Commercial Power Sweep - Napa, California

CSS Industries

CSS Industries - Stratford, Connecticut

Jacketta Sweeping Service

Jacketta Sweeping Service - Salt Lake City, Utah

Property Maintenance Services, Inc. - Bridgeport, Ohio

Southwest Sweeping

Southwest Sweeping - Cleveland, Ohio

TKG Sweeping & Services

TKG Sweeping & Services - Waukegan, Illinos