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How to Get a Months FREE Area Code For Every Sweeper You Run

How to Get a Months FREE Area Code For Every Sweeper You Run


Talking to owners in the 1-800-SWEEPER network I’m often surprised that not everyone is taking advantage of our cost saving opportunities.  The only explanation I’ve come up with is that we are a “Hard Headed Bunch” or the perceived saving are too small.  It may also be that savings stated as a percentage just don’t have the same impact.  So I did a little exercise to generate some real numbers:

  • I made a list of all the filters needed for one basic filter change for a Tymco 600.
  • I purchased a set from my old supplier (Wix)
  • I purchased the exact same filters from my new supplier. (Baldwin)
  • I compared the prices and found I’m saving $52.72 per oil change.

My actual numbers are shown on invoices that are available by clicking here.  We change our oil about every 150 hours.  So about 10 times per year.

$52.72 savings times ten oil changes = $527.20 per year savings PER TRUCK.

It’s actually a little better than that, because we also need to change hydraulic filters and transmission filters at some point (just not every time).  So the annual savings is even higher.  Running twelve trucks I just put well over SIX GRAND in my pocket!  This year!  I should save the same or more next year and every year I’m a member.  How much sweeping do you need to do to pocket $6K?  Make the switch, it works.

To find a distributor near you:

We happened to choose Grainger.  During the initial setup, we needed the Baldwin representative to run interference for us as the local Grainger deals with thousands of dealers and they were not familiar with the 1-800-SWEEPER program.  It took a few weeks, but now everything runs very smooth.  It is a set it, and forget it process.  The savings just keep coming.

If your savings are even greater, let us know.  Let us all celebrate with you.

Enjoy the savings!

Mark Carter
Bill’s Sweeping Service, LLC
1-800-SWEEPER Partner