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Experience The Difference: News and Views From The Board

Feb 5, 2014

Experience The Difference: News and Views From The Board


sloganIt seems like every day we hear from folks who are making significant changes in their businesses as a result of last fall’s sweeper summit.  All of the speakers and sessions gave us much to think about.  From the 1-800-SWEEPER board perspective, we decided that it was time to make some changes too.  If you have visited our website lately, you may have noticed a new slogan beneath our logo at the top of the page.  The phrase “experience the difference” is simple—three words to be exact—yet words can be powerful expressions of purpose and intent.  To our way of thinking, our new slogan puts both our member partners and our valued customers on notice that we have a special way of doing things at 1-800-SWEEPER.  We are committed to continuing our leadership role in the sweeping industry…and we are dedicated to providing world class standards of service to our valued customers.  It all sounds so simple, and yet, much goes into making this vision into reality.

What do you think of our new slogan and are we as an organization living up to our vision?  Please drop us a line or give us a call and let us know what you think.