1-800-SWEEPER New Partner Welcome – Nathaniel Jones, Supreme Sweepers, LLC | 1-800-SWEEPER

1-800-SWEEPER New Partner Welcome – Nathaniel Jones, Supreme Sweepers, LLC

1-800-SWEEPER New Partner Welcome – Nathaniel Jones, Supreme Sweepers, LLC


1-800-SWEEPER is proud to welcome our newest partner, Nathaniel Jones of Supreme Sweepers, LLC.  Nathaniel landed in the sweeping business after working in the property management field.  Spending time on the opposite side of the table was an eye opening experience according to Jones.  “The sales reps would talk a good game, but at the end of the day, they always let me down.  The service was terrible and the entire relationship between vendors and property managers didn’t feel equitable”.   Nathaniel has always had an entrepreneurial side and the gap between what was promised and delivered sparked an idea—Jones set out to become what HE wanted. 

Nathaniel understood that sweeping was a large line item and not a widely tapped market.  He bought his first sweeper in 2011 and landed his first account.  From there, he built his business one customer at a time.  Six to eight months after he opened up shop, he started noticing the 1-800-SWEEPER marketing campaigns.  As his business continued growing, he found himself in a position to take advantage of all that 1-800-SWEEPER has to offer.  The idea of a nationwide alliance of fellow-minded sweeping service companies made sense.  “I have always thought of building a company that could serve the sweeping needs of the entire Southeastern portion of the country.  Doing so will create economies of scale…and savings that I can pass on to my customers.   In many ways, the 1-800-SWEEPER brand does the same thing. “

Recognizing the power of effective branding wasn’t the only thing prompting Nathaniel to join our ranks–he also appreciates our sense of community.  “1-800-SWEEPER gives me access to other successful sweeping contractors.  Before joining, I felt like I was on an island by myself.  Now, if I have a question about prevailing rates, wages, fuel surcharges, equipment, or anything else, I can tap into the knowledge of my fellow partners with years of experience under their belts.  There is strength in our numbers…this isn’t just another group trying to take a monthly fee.”

Supreme Sweepers will provide parking lot sweeping and street sweeping services to 1-800-SWEEPER customers in the Charlotte North Carolina area.  Please extend Nathaniel and his team at Supreme Sweepers a hearty 1-800-SWEEPER howdy and welcome aboard!