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1-800-SWEEPER New Partner Welcome: Kleen Sweeps, Inc.

1-800-SWEEPER New Partner Welcome: Kleen Sweeps, Inc.


Kalani Eckart has been responsible for the day-to-day operations of Honolulu-based Kleen Sweeps, Inc. since 2001.  One of the most interesting parts of the Kleen Sweeps story is the challenges posed by power sweeping in an island paradise.  Although there are many aspects of the sweeping industry that remain constant regardless of location, Hawaiian power sweeping is very different from the industry we recognize in the lower 48.

Storm water run-off is a huge issue for Kleen Sweeps because all of the Honolulu area storm sewers drain directly into the ocean.  Although many of us associate the Hawaiian Islands with a sea of picturesque blue water, the coral reefs beneath the water’s surface are threatened by storm water run-off.  When it rains, which it often does in Hawaii, dirt, sand, and debris from streets and parking areas can enter the storm sewers.  If this material settles on the coral reefs, it presents a very real danger to fragile ecosystems that are thousands of years old.  As Kalani suggests, ”There is a significant environmental aspect to the work we do here. “

In addition to storm water run-off considerations, the sweeping industry In Hawaii is challenged by higher operating costs.  Sweeping contractors searching for suitable land to build a shop can expect to pay close to $1 million dollars per acre.  The freight to ship a broom from the mainland is 3-4 times what you might expect to pay in the lower 48 and diesel fuel is more expensive too since it comes by tanker ships from the mainland.  There are higher costs on the back end of every sweeping job too, as dwindling landfill space means disposal costs are right around $42.00 per ton.

Regularly scheduled sweeping service is one of the keys to keeping Hawaii a clean place to call home or the perfect island vacation destination, but the challenges to running a successful business are numerous.  This is one of the reasons why Kalani visited with us last year at NPE.  “Having the ability to learn from other people in the sweeping business, and to share our knowledge, was one of the main reasons for joining 1-800-SWEEPER.”

The recent economic downturn hit the Hawaiian Islands hard and, as a result, Kalani was forced to rethink fundamentals of his business model.  Prior to the downturn, the Kleen Sweeps fleet included smaller vacuum trucks, and the company’s book of business included a fair share of parking lot work.  “We lost almost everything during the economic downturn.  But our faith in Jesus Christ got us through it.  We now run much leaner and have since grown back into a much stronger company.  We run our company with strong core values of honesty and integrity, and I think our customers appreciate that.”  Today, the majority of Kalani’s business comes from contractors and his fleet consists of three vacuum trucks and two Elgin Road Wizards.  Kleen Sweeps still does some parking lot vacuum sweeping, but the broom trucks are definitely busier.  Although Kleen Sweeps has an excellent reputation with local area contractors, new leads are welcome, and partnering with 1-800-SWEEPER will help Kalani take his family business to the next level.

Kleen Sweeps will be providing Honolulu area sweeping services to area code 808.  Please take the time to welcome Kalani and the entire team of Kleen Sweeps, Inc. as our newest addition to the 1-800-SWEEPER family.