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1-800-SWEEPER News

COVID-19 Action Plan for Continued Operations


As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to affect people and businesses across our country, 1-800-SWEEPER and our Partner service providers want to share with you our plans to protect our employees, customers and operations during these difficult times.

Based on guidance and input from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and best practices from other health officials, our sanitation service work is continuing.

We are committed to keeping your roadways, parking lots and city streets safe and clean even during this unprecedented time.

We have, however, also taken steps to protect our employees and the community to help combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority. For that reason, we have increased the quantity of PPE (personal protective equipment) for each of our drivers and other employees based on guidelines outlined by state departments of health and other government agencies.

We will continue to follow their guidance and take appropriate measures as needed, including:

  • Monitoring inventory to identify any potential risks to client employees.
  • Limiting non-essential vendor visits to our offices.
  • Employees are being encouraged to conduct meetings by phone or video conference wherever possible.

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1-800-SWEEPER and John Lankford Create National Pavement Maintenance Leadership Academy


1-800-SWEEPER has partnered with John Lankford of Premier Executive Forums to develop and implement a new leadership curriculum specifically designed to develop leaders for the power sweeping industry. The leadership training program is offered through the National Pavement Maintenance Leadership Academy.

Sweeping company owners and managers who attended the November 2018 Sweeper Summit and Equipment Expo Leadership Conference were introduced to John Lankford as our Keynote Speaker. A key takeaway from John’s presentation: “No organization will ever outperform its leadership team.”

In feedback from a Sweeper Summit survey, 95{cd9db56748df391b131010c0c880113f42d56e29626b6ebf74877cbc020d5b1a} of attendees identified with John’s statement that: “Training leaders to lead my business and increase profitability is important to operations and business sustainability.”

Recognizing that most of our sweeping company Partners and their employees have not had any formal leadership training and that most leadership courses and workshops wouldn’t adequately address specific nuances of the power sweeping industry, the 1-800-SWEEPER Board of Directors partnered with John Lankford to create the National Pavement Maintenance Leadership Academy. Lankford is a nationally recognized executive coach and speaker having earned a reputation in the business world for his corporate and entrepreneurial experience leading businesses and individuals on a path to success.

John is leading NPMLA, assisted by Julie Kowalski, a highly accomplished performance strategist and speaker with over 30 years of hands-on experience blending management and performance technologies to drive results.

NPMLA provides attendees a complete leadership curriculum specifically designed to develop leaders for service providers in the power sweeping industry.

The academy kicked off on February 15th and 16th in Detroit and continues throughout 2019.  NPMLA training will have 3 sessions held “on-location” with additional training through a combination of online classes, e-learning and individual and group coaching and mentoring sessions. Click here to see the complete curriculum outline (PDF)

As board member Giovanni Recalde put it: “We are all busy and often we feel like we cannot afford to be without one of our key people, but if we don’t start developing leaders within our organizations now, our competitors will.”

We encourage our members to take part in this unique and vital training. If you have any questions, see npmla.com or reach out to Ben Steyer via phone or email.

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Introducing the 1-800-SWEEPER App!


By leveraging mobile phone technology, the 800 App improves customer service and speed of interaction between our partners and customers. The 1-800-SWEEPER App is another way 1-800-SWEEPER differentiates itself from others in the power sweeping industry.

Download the 1-800-SWEEPER App today!

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More Than a Number – Why We Changed Our Slogan


When the 1-800-SWEEPER co-op was created in 2011, our tagline “Nationwide Service Alliance” told a story about our goals- offering a coast to coast contingent of individually owned power sweeping service companies. In addition to sharing valuable knowledge, a joint marketing platform and buying group opportunities among the participating companies, “Nationwide Service Alliance” showcased our ability to service multiple locations using a unified billing and providing consistent service.

As the organization evolved, adding new sweeping Partner companies along the way, we added “Experience the Difference!” as our slogan. This update recognized that as “insiders”, we knew the benefits but potential customers should look at things that set us apart from others in the industry. Customers looking for sweeping services – or potential Partners thinking about joining the organization should take a closer look at 1-800-SWEEPER to appreciate attributes that set our organization and our members apart.

Recently, we realized that some in the industry had a perception – really a mis-perception – that our recognizable toll-free number was “THE ONLY” benefit of joining 1-800-SWEEPER.

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Check Out Our Cover Story in NAS


The September 2017 issue of North American Sweeper hits a trifecta of coverage for our group highlighting the relationship between Elgin Sweeper Company, one of our 1-800-SWEEPER Member Partners, ProSweep and vehicle dealer Bell Equipment. All three companies are tied together in a story that highlights Elgin Sweeper Company as one of our newest Vendor/Partners to support our co-op group. Elgin brings exclusive 1-800-SWEEPER discounts and unique social/entertainment value of NASCAR to our membership.

Elgin Sweepers have been an essential part of keeping NASCAR events safe for over 15 years. In 2013, Elgin became the Official Sweeper of NASCAR Green. As the Official Sweeper of NASCAR Green, Elgin sweepers support NASCAR’s Air Titan equipment to dry rain-soaked racetracks, saving jet fuel and reducing NASCAR’s overall carbon footprint.

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