Meet the First 1-800-SWEEPER Affiliate: Mark Chamberlain of EnviroSweep (Colorado Springs, CO) | 1-800-SWEEPER

Meet the First 1-800-SWEEPER Affiliate: Mark Chamberlain of EnviroSweep (Colorado Springs, CO)

Meet the First 1-800-SWEEPER Affiliate: Mark Chamberlain of EnviroSweep (Colorado Springs, CO)


Mark Chamberlain had an early start in business creating an office furniture and cubicle company at just 23 years old. Four years later he sold the business, but continued working for the new owners for 10 years after that. At night, Mark would sweep parking lots as a side business.

Mark’s Inspiration

Often it seems, sweepers learn about the business from a family member who already has one. But not Mark. “I heard about sweeping from a guy in Denver – Kerry Armstrong” (also a 1-800-Sweeper partner). “I bought my first truck (a Tymco sweeper) from Kerry. He gave me a quick driving lesson in the truck, and then I had to head right back home.” The year was 1999, and that was the beginning of EnviroSweep in Colorado Springs, CO. Mark and his wife run the company together.

Fast-forward about a decade and Mark is at the point where he needed to make a decision. “Do I care enough about the sweeping business to commit or should I give it up?” We now know the answer, of course, but at the time it was a tough decision for Mark. Stick with the predictability of a full-time job, or venture into the sweeping industry? Well, he’d already started and run a successful company, why not give it a go?

Caring for the Environment

Just check out EnviroSweep’s photo with the panoramic (you thought we were going to say sweeping, didn’t you?) mountain vistas. The state of Colorado has awe-inspiring beauty, but because Colorado Springs is in the foothills, trash and other pollutants can build up and blow into the creek contaminating the water supply. That’s why EnviroSweep is such an important service to the community and the environment. Thankfully EnviroSweep understands the importance of removing pollutants, mitigating the dust, and other health concerns caused by trash buildup. Plus, they’re well versed in environmental compliance regulations.

A Clean Sweep

Shopping centers are the main business for EnviroSweep but they also handle office, industrial, government and medical buildings. As a matter of fact, Mark still has his very first client from his meager beginning in 1999. Talk about loyalty!


“My greatest accomplishments are my family and the business that I built at 23 and sold when I was 27. My wife and I have been married for 25 years and we have three boys. The oldest and youngest are in college while the middle child works in the family business…and who knows, maybe some day he’ll take the reigns.” Right now he’s enjoying the job of cleaning up construction sites using an Elgin Broom Bear Mechanical Sweeper. History has come full circle as Kerry Armstrong’s son, Mitch, taught Mark’s son to drive a broom truck the same way Kerry taught Mark to drive a sweeper all those years ago. Life really is circular!


Small town businesses have a limited number of customers. “It’s hard to break up long term relationships between potential customers and the current business they use,” says Mark, “but sweeper companies in the area DO try to share the wealth.” Eventually it comes down to either hoping your small town has an increase in business and population or finding new clients in neighboring communities that need your services.

Welcome to 1-800-Sweeper

EnviroSweep became the first “Affiliate” for 1-800-Sweeper in January of 2018. So far Mark is very pleased. “I joined for the support from fellow sweeper company owners, especially those who have been in the business for many years. In addition, I’ve received inspiration from many owners. I also benefit from the ease of the technology.”