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Meet our Vendor Partner – Elgin Sweeper

Meet our Vendor Partner – Elgin Sweeper

Since 1914, Elgin Sweeper has been hard at work cleaning America’s roadways.

Elgin has evolved its line of sweepers through the years and continues designing new products. Today, Elgin equipment utilizes every variation of current sweeping technology — mechanical, pure vacuum sweepers, regenerative air, alternative fuel sweepers, waterless dust control and high efficiency filtration — providing customers a sweeper to best match their environment and meet the customer’s needs.

In January 2018, Elgin introduced a new and innovative configuration of its popular Crosswind® regenerative air sweeper. This newest model utilizes a single-engine with a variable-speed device installed between the chassis engine and transmission allowing the engine to simultaneously power both the truck and the sweeper.

“Until now, single-engine air sweeper technology required a cumbersome multi-step process to switch between road and work modes,” said Mike Higgins, vice president and general manager of Elgin Sweeper. “With the single-engine Crosswind sweeper configuration, Elgin Sweeper is radically changing sweepers for good. More municipalities and contractors are embracing the single-engine Crosswind for their street sweeping needs.”

The new Crosswind can be used for cleaning large, paved areas such as streets, parking lots and airport runways. According to Higgins, “the new sweeper is very easy to operate, with minimal training required compared to prior designs.” Elgin’s sweepers today provide solutions from routine street maintenance to special industrial and airport applications, even race track maintenance.  Elgin offers an extensive line-up of sweepers to meet highly specialized requirements.

Selling Through Dealerships

Elgin Sweeper’s extensive dealer network is comprised of 70+ dealers with service centers worldwide. These dealerships are staffed with factory-trained, highly- experienced service technicians, and stocked with the necessary street sweeper parts to make repairs and adjustments quickly and efficiently.  Their goal is to achieve total customer satisfaction by providing high quality, quick response service to keep power sweeping contractors up and running.

Training Available for Operators and Mechanics

To assist the users and maintenance managers who work with Elgin Sweepers daily, the company offers hands on and in-classroom training courses.  Service, repair and maintenance of various Elgin sweeper models are the focus of this technician training.  All levels of experience are welcome from beginner technician to seasoned mechanics.

Elgin Sweeper Products Include:

From the moment you invest in an Elgin Sweeper you expect it to work when and where you need it.

Every new Elgin street sweeper is backed by a one-year factory warranty and comes with an operator’s manual and replacement parts book for quick, easy reference as well as the appropriate engine operator’s and parts manual. Customers can also choose to select from multiple extended warranty options depending on their unique needs.

Elgin Sweepers help NASCAR track operators return to green flag racing as quickly and efficiently as possible., Elgin’s Sweepers are present at each NASCAR race event. In their capacity as the Official Sweeper of NASCAR Green, Elgin equipment helps support NASCAR’s Air Titan equipment to dry rain-soaked racetracks. Elgin Crosswind Specialty Track Sweepers were designed exclusively for track sweeping and are used for removal of oil absorbent material that has been put down to remove a spill or to assist in the drying of a wet area of the track.

1-800-SWEEPER Partner Benefits

Elgin’s relationship with NASCAR now extends to the sweeping companies that form the Member/Partnership under the umbrella of the 1-800-SWEEPER alliance. Our co-op’s Partner companies now have the unique opportunity to entertain customers, employees or even family members with the unique experience of infield garage passes and track side in-the-pits access for a close-up view of NASCAR’s race day experience.

NOTE: To learn more about taking advantage of the NASCAR pit pass opportunities at a race near you, please contact Carolyn Bell.