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1800-SWEEPER New Member Testimonial: Commercial Power Sweeping

1800-SWEEPER New Member Testimonial: Commercial Power Sweeping


At the onset of hearing about 1-800-SWEEPER we were content with not joining the organization, feeling that with our market share of 26 years of
providing sweeping services and web marketing for our state and area that any vendor requiring services would contact us directly. After talking with
other members throughout the US that were members and longtime friends, and hearing about the leads that they were receiving, we decided to look further into 1-800-SWEEPER.

After meeting with the Mike and getting an better understanding of the long term goals of the organization we decided to take the leap of faith. To be totally honest we were looking for the savings that we would receive through the vendors that have partnered with the organization to offset  our
membership fees, but within the first 60 days of being a member we have completed five contracts that were referrals from 1-800-SWEEPER. The amount of money that was received from these referrals after expenses will pay for two years of dues!

To date we are totally satisfied with the organization and are looking forward to the future as more members join and our presence as whole can
grow and prosper through national marketing and purchase power.

Karl Stauty
Commercial Power Sweeping