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ApplicantPro – A New Vendor Helps You Hire Better People More Efficiently


Just ask 1-800-SWEEPER general manager Andy Williams about the most frequently heard challenges to growing a sweeping service business and one of the top issues cited will be: “hiring and retaining good sweeper truck operators.” Soon, we will be showing you a preview of some awesome software in development to allow for virtual driver training. But right now, it is our pleasure to introduce ApplicantPro.

1-800-SWEEPER recently teamed up with the HR professionals at ApplicantPro to develop a complete profile of the most desired personality traits of day/utility and night/parking lot sweeper operators. Based on this profile, ApplicantPro offers 1-800-SWEEPER partners a seamless solution for locating, screening and testing job applicants. In addition to posting help wanted ads in multiple high-value locations, ApplicantPro provides pre-testing and qualification screening as candidates respond to ads.

Before you as a manager ever speak with candidates their test results are shared with managers and owners via private access portals tied to individual company sites.

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