1-800-SWEEPER Blog

Mar 20, 2013

1-800-SWEEPER Welcomes Buckeye Sweeping, Inc.


For those not already familiar with our newest partner, Buckeye Sweeping’s Mitch Barkman has been involved in the sweeping business since 1985.  Although a native of Northeastern Ohio, Mitch headed south in the early 80’s to work in the booming Texas construction business.  When the oil business fell on hard times, Mitch left the construction industry and started his first sweeping company, which he sold in 1989.  Mitch then moved back to Ohio, and founded Akron-based Buckeye Sweeping.

According to Mitch, the sweeping industry has seen many changes since he first broke into the business, but advertising and promotion has always been important.  For years he relied on phone directory programs, but when property managers and contractors migrated to the internet, he knew it was time to make a change, so he partnered with NAPSA to create a company website.  Because Mitch has had positive response to his website, the decision to join 1-800-SWEEPER seemed like a “no brainer”.

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