The Keys to Developing A Successful Power Sweeping Business: Spotlight on Progressive Sweeping Contractors | 1-800-SWEEPER

The Keys to Developing A Successful Power Sweeping Business: Spotlight on Progressive Sweeping Contractors

The Keys to Developing A Successful Power Sweeping Business: Spotlight on Progressive Sweeping Contractors


Priscilla Tsai’s recent Allied Pavement Equipment profile of Progressive Sweeping Contractors, Inc. not only offers President Mike Lucht’s formula for success; her story also provides readers with helpful hints that will ensure their experiences with sweeping contractors are positive.

Headquartered in the Toledo, Ohio area with an additional service center in Detroit, Michigan, Lucht’s Progressive Sweeping has offered parking lot and commercial sweeping services since 1978.  One of Mike’s guiding principles is training his staff to work quietly and efficiently.   “A sweeper gets noticed most when his machine is broken, when he is late, or not where he is needed, rather than when he is performing effectively,” says Lucht.

A Commitment to Equipment and Technology
Another key component of Mike’s success is having the right equipment to get the job done right.  With more than 35 pieces of machinery, ProSweep has the ability to match the right equipment for the job.  Broom sweepers, vacuum sweepers, and regenerative air sweepers each offer different performance characteristics, so it is vital for dispatchers and operators to understand customer requirements.  The backbone of ProSweep’s operation is supported by a fleet that includes Elgin 4-wheel mechanical high dump Broom Bears, Elgin Whirlwind and VacAll vacuum/broom machines and an efficient TYMCO 600 Regenerative Air Machine.

In addition to using state-of-the-art sweepers, ProSweep also utilizes Eagle Eye Tracking Software, a powerful management tool that combines GPS technology and software with tracking/reporting capabilities.  Eagle Eye not only enables ProSweep to effectively manage routes, and time stamp completion of work orders, but also assists with payroll reporting and job bid analysis.

Safety is Key
Power sweeping makes use of machinery that is often operating in close proximity to heavy equipment for paving and construction applications, or in the case of parking lot applications, the work is often done in late evening or early morning hours to minimize pedestrian traffic.  Drivers need to operate their equipment safely and effectively in all kinds of situations ranging from busy strips of highway undergoing resurfacing to dark and lonely parking lots in the middle of the night.  According to Lucht, safety can never be stressed enough.  In order to ensure safety during sweeping operations, all ProSweep employees utilize reflective safety vests, receive extensive training on the safe use of their equipment, and make full use of 2-way radios to maintain communication with contractors when servicing repaving operations or construction sites.  In addition, all of Lucht’s sweepers are fitted with safety lighting, back-up alarms and cameras to maximize jobsite safety.

Communication with Customers Is Mission Critical
According to Lucht, taking the time to have a brief discussion with your sweeping contractor can yield huge benefits for all involved.  Communication is the key to getting the job done right in an efficient manner, making a win-win situation for all involved.  Here are just a few key points to communicate to your sweeping contractor before work begins:

  • When applicable, specify a dump location for swept material.
  • To avoid fugitive dust penalties, you may need to specify the water source for the sweeper’s dust control system.
  • Communicate if service is to be performed inside a safety zone or exposed to traffic.
  • Make drivers aware of any hazards that are unique to your site. Scraping the surface with a loader bucket will speed up the sweeping process but windrowing does not unless material is then scraped with a loader bucket.
  • For construction contractors, provide your best-guess estimate of needed machine time needed.   This helps your sweeping contractor anticipate your needs and ensures the right equipment is available on the day service is performed.
  • Remember to specify a job site contact & cell phone number.

Although the focus of Tsai’s article in Allied Pavement Equipment is squarely a profile of Mike’s formula for success at ProSweep, all of the vendor partners associated with the 1-800-SWEEPER National Service Alliance share a commitment to state-of-the-art equipment, safety, and customer communication.  Best of all, each of our independently owned service contractors has first-hand knowledge of local conditions and relevant environmental regulations which allows them to match the right equipment to your specific application.  To learn more about contracting with a local power sweeping provider, or to request service, contact 1-800-SWEEPER for more information.