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1800-SWEEPER Welcomes Accusweep & Landscape, Inc.

1800-SWEEPER Welcomes Accusweep & Landscape, Inc.


Founded in 1987 with a single sweeping truck owned and operated by David McCaskill, Accusweep Services initially entered the commercial property maintenance business as a sweeping company servicing Columbia, South Carolina.  Over the next 24 years, the company steadily added new services to meet new customer needs and blossomed into an all inclusive maintenance company that provides parking lot and street sweeping, landscaping, athletic field maintenance and painting, and general property maintenance services to customers in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.  As a new 1-800-SWEEPER member partner, Accusweep will provide parking lot sweeping and street sweeping services to Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina (area codes 803 and 843).

David attended our special 1-800-SWEEPER member sessions at NPE in 2012, but decided to take a wait and see approach.  He then attended the Detroit Sweeper Summit and began appreciating the value of belonging to a national organization of like-minded sweeping contractors and the collective purchasing power of a large group.   According to McCaskill, ” When I approach Tymco looking to buy a new 210, I have much less purchasing power than a group with over 30 members.  The vendor specials that 1-800-SWEEPER can secure on my behalf definitely got my attention.”  At 1-800-SWEEPER, we are constantly exploring new ways to improve your company’s bottom line, so be sure to visit our member portal to explore our latest vendor special offerings.

If you didn’t get a chance to say hello to David and the crew from Accusweep at NPE, make sure to extend a hearty 1-800-SWEEPER welcome to our latest member partner!