1-800-SWEEPER Welcomes Latasha Crenshaw of AC Sweepers and Maintenance, Inc. | 1-800-SWEEPER

1-800-SWEEPER Welcomes Latasha Crenshaw of AC Sweepers and Maintenance, Inc.

1-800-SWEEPER Welcomes Latasha Crenshaw of AC Sweepers and Maintenance, Inc.


Latasha Crenshaw1-800-SWEEPER partners understand our organization is more than just the first nationwide alliance of sweeping service companies.  We are held together by common bonds, and our sense of community runs deep within the group.  We foster this sense of family by sharing our stories, including posting new partner introductions to our blog.  Our latest addition to the 1-800-SWEEPER family is Latasha Crenshaw of AC Sweepers and Maintenance, Inc.  Latasha’s story bears some resemblance to the stories told by other partners, but her journey to owning and operating a sweeping company took some interesting twists and turns.

Like many of our partners, Latasha has family ties to the sweeping business.  Although Latasha’s parents started All Chicago Sweeping in 2000, early parts of Crenshaw’s professional career are about as far removed from the sweeping business as you can get.  She spent time as an NFL cheerleader and working at IBM before doing an 8-year stint as a pharmaceutical sales rep.  By 2012, downsizing and the uncertain nature of the pharmaceutical industry had taken its toll, so Latasha started a sweeping company in her adopted hometown of Atlanta.

The motivation for starting a sweeping company came in part from family tradition, but more importantly, as a savvy business person, Latasha saw incredible opportunity.  Operating a female-owned business would create bid opportunities for lucrative government contracts.  What’s more, as a millennial, Latasha understood how social media websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook could help with tracking down the elusive facilities managers needed to grow her business.

The story of how Latasha earned the sweeping contract for 16 local Target stores is case in point.  Crenshaw used social media to connect with the facilities manager for Target.  “Developing an online relationship with this individual gave me access to tell our incredible story.  I would not have made this connection or earned this business using traditional, old-school sales and marketing tactics.”  During our interview, Crenshaw drew parallels between her social media sales and prospecting approach and Nancy Drew’s LinkedIn presentation at Sweeper Summit 2014.  If you have not reviewed your notes from this session, you should do so!

Toward the end of our interview, we turned to Latasha’s motivations for joining 1-800-SWEEPER.  Latasha’s first contact with 1-800-SWEEPER was a chance meeting with Amy Rainha during NPE 2012.  From the moment they met, Latasha and Amy felt an instant bond and this connection was a major factor that prompted Latasha to become a partner.  “Belonging to 1-800-SWEEPER gives me added credibility in a crowded Atlanta sweeping market.  More importantly, I have access to some of the best minds in the business.   When I have a question, my 1-800-SWEEPER extended family is just an email or a phone call away.”

AC Sweepers will provide street sweeping service and parking lot sweeping for 1-800-SWEEPER customers in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  Please be sure to extend a heartfelt welcome to Latasha and the entire crew at AC Sweepers.