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Apr 2, 2012

March Service Score Card: A Pipeline to New Business with 1-800-SWEEPER

As the end of winter brings spring cleaning jobs and a new season of construction projects, 1-800-SWEEPER continues its efforts to match commercial, industrial, and retail clients with the power sweeping services that best meet their budget and schedule requirements.

Our hotline and centralized website make it easy for organizations to find local sweeper contractors, no matter how large or how long the assignment. For sweeping service companies the website is a powerful addition to traditional marketing methods such as phone book advertising, direct mail, cold calls, and web marketing. If you’re a 1-800-SWEEPER service provider, you can get on with the business of doing the job, knowing that we will make sure to connect any potential client in your area to you. Here is a snapshot of how our alliance members have performed over the last quarter.

1-800-SWEEPER connects members to cleanup jobs, construction projects and more

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Mar 21, 2012

The Vision Thing: Reasons to Join 1-800-SWEEPER


It isn’t the cover of Rolling Stone, but 1-800-SWEEPER made February’s cover of Sweeper Market Magazine.  This publication reaches sweeping contractors, equipment manufacturers, and dealers throughout North America.  The magazine’s publishers call Sweeper Market the “world’s largest list of new and used sweeping equipment. “

Advantages of 1-800-SWEEPER Membership

As the cover spot suggests, we have a vision:  bringing buyers and sellers together for mutual benefit.  We have quite the story of lead generation and cost savings associated with aggregated purchasing power to tell, so you’ll likely see more publicity in the coming months.

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Mar 9, 2012

Sweeping It All Away: Spotlight on Wells Sweeping


In our March 5th post, we mentioned the Wells Sweeping photo would be incorporated into the animated section on the 1-800-SWEEEPER home page.  We just finished up with the photo enhancements and we wanted to show how we take field pictures and turn them into a finished product.  Jay Wells and his crew submitted an action shot showing one of his trucks at a job site.  The 1-800-SWEEPER logo is prominently displayed on both sides of the sweeper.

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Mar 6, 2012

Memphis Meeting Video


We would like to extend a thank you to all of our member partners who attended the 1-800-SWEEPER Member’s Meeting in Memphis, Tennessee. One of the highlights of Thursday’s session was a video that documented all that we have done in such a short period of time and our vision for the future. In case you missed the presentation, or just want to see it again, simply click on the link below. Turn your speakers up and enjoy!


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