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Reasons to use 1-800-SWEEPER for highway road sweeping services near you

The expert power street sweeping team at 1-800-SWEEPER provides a comprehensive range of paved roadway and highway sweeping services for local municipalities, private homeowner communities, and state DOT agencies. 1-800-SWEEPER delivers timely road and highway sweeping year-round, covering many local road areas and interstate highways nationwide. Using the latest power street sweeping technology, incredible attention to detail combined with a skilled team of highway and road sweeping technicians, we are the preferred choice for all road and highway sweeping projects throughout the United States.


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Why Highways and Roads Need Power Sweeping on a Regular Basis

Regularly scheduled road and highway sweeping is necessary to maintain a clean and healthy environment and is considered an EPA recommended best practice. Regularly scheduled municipal road and highway street sweeping improves the environment and the aesthetics of both the local community and interstate highway and roadway travelers. Clean roads and highways are important for driver safety, maintaining safe interstate and municipal road driving conditions, and helps extend the lifespan of asphalt roads, highways and turnpikes. This includes reducing clogged drains and sewers, improved water and air quality, and creating a clean atmosphere for local residents and highway road traffic.

24/7 Emergency Highway Sweeping Service

1-800-SWEEPER companies are available 365 days per year and 24hrs everyday, ready to help with your emergency highway road sweeping needs. We will bring the best state-of-the-art equipment and our professionally trained highway sweeping technicians for any road sweeping job – anywhere, anytime. Whether there is a highway or municipal road accident or unexpected roadway spill, our power sweeping operators will be ready to clear and clean the road, getting your highway emergency debris swept up and traffic moving.


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Equipped For Efficient Handling of Highway Safety Responsibility

Our professional highway and municipal road sweeping technicians at 1-800-SWEEPER are trained to navigate around all highway road barricade types with precision and efficiency. Continuous highway and road construction often causes hectic traffic conditions causing risk for everyone involved, including road work crews and all equipment exposed to traffic. Traffic barricades are increasingly common, especially on interstate highway roads and turnpikes, requiring a skilled and trained technician to properly perform an efficient and safe highway road sweeping job.

Additionally, many 1-800-SWEEPER Partners can provide Scorpion Attenuator truck rentals, a necessity for the safety of highway road workers and motorists. Accident prevention is our #1 priority and these attenuator trucks help protect road workers and highway work vehicles to ensure their safety. The shadowing truck not only draws attention with its directional arrow board, but also has the structural capacity to absorb the kinetic energy created if a collision occurs. Though incidents cannot be fully prevented, having a shadow truck can turn an otherwise fatal crash into a mere accident. Call the local 1-800-SWEEPER Partner near you for more information on highway sweeping and municipal road equipment rental services.


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Contact Highway and Road Sweeping Service Provider Near You

1-800-SWEEPER has a reputation for reliability and is known nationally by public works directors as the flexible and dependable vendor for customizable plans to fit all your local street, municipal road and interstate highway sweeping service needs. Contact the power sweeper professionals at 1-800-SWEEPER for cost-effective, efficient and reliable road and highway sweeping solutions nationwide. Call today!

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