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Outdoor Facility Maintenance

Retail Facility Outdoor Maintenance


The exteriors of retail centers and commercial properties are high-traffic areas with unique cleaning needs.  Our porter services help maintain the appearance of your facility. They also keep the areas around your facility safe for customers, employees, and visitors.

What are Porter Services?
Porter commercial cleaning services are an essential part of a facility maintenance plan. Porter services for retail locations and commercial properties focus on keeping the parking lots and surrounding property clean and safe.

Common porter services (sometimes referred to as day porter services) include:

  • Power sweeping all hard surfaces via mechanical broom or vacuum truck
  • Litter and debris cleanup
  • Power blowing sidewalks, corners, loading docks
  • Trash removal from islands and perimeter grounds
  • Emptying trash receptacles and replacing trash can liners


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Benefits of Porter Services

Day porter cleaning services provide a variety of benefits, including:

Enhanced Appearance
Surveys have shown that consumers judge the quality of shopping and commercial facilities by the cleanliness of their exterior areas, including parking lots.

Extends Parking Lot Life
Routine parking lot sweeping removes abrasive dirt, dust, and other grit, which are known to shorten the life of your pavement, striping, and seal coating.

Saves Money
Regularly scheduled parking lot sweeping usually costs less than repaving or fixing a parking lot.

Protects the Interior 
Whatever is on the outside of your building gets tracked into your building. Dirt, grime, and debris increases wear and tear on interior floors. They also increase the cost of janitorial services for your business.

Safety Issues
Keeping your property clean and free of debris helps prevent slip and fall accidents, property damage, and other injuries.


Finding A Reliable Porter Service Provider

Because of the unique needs of commercial properties and retail centers, a reliable service provider needs to invest in the right combination of equipment and people.

Look for a provider with state-of-the-art equipment. Mechanical broom trucks, vacuum trucks, commercial-grade blowers, and pressure washers are some of the tools needed to ensure your facility looks great while keeping it clean.

The people providing the service are what makes it reliable. Look for a company that invests in training. You want people trained to operate equipment on your grounds safely, but you also want service contractors trained in environmental impact reduction and pollution control techniques.

Last but not least, select a provider who will work with you to meet your business goals. For example, are they willing to work after business hours to help minimize disruption and inconvenience for your customers?


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1-800-SWEEPER is a nationwide network of professional sweeping companies that perform sweeping and portering at retail centers, grocery stores, and shopping malls across the country. Our local sweeping service contractors have the equipment, personnel, and training to keep your facility exterior looking good and safe from hazards. They understand and can help you address specific issues related to storm-water runoff, dust mitigation, and other compliance concerns.

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