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Professional Power Sweeping Company Procedures

It’s Important to Understand Power Sweeping Best Practices

The importance of keeping your retail or commercial parking lot and sidewalks clean and clear of debris is now more important than ever.  A customer’s first impression of your business is made by your parking lot, and a clean commercial lot will make a good impression; having people feeling confident and safer about entering your business.  Asphalt and concrete surfaces in your commercial parking lot represent a significant investment, keeping them clean means that deterioration will happen at a slower rate.  Therefore, it makes good business sense to keep them clean and well maintained.


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Steps of Procedures After Hiring a Qualified Power Sweeping Company to Clean Your Parking Lot


After hiring a power sweeper company to clean your commercial or retail lot, there are several steps and procedures that you can anticipate will take place when the sweeper truck and operator arrive.  Here are some relevant, general procedures involved in parking lot sweeping:

Step 1.  Arrival:  Once the truck and operator arrive, they will check in with security staff or management and inquire for further job instructions, when required.

Step 2.  Pre-job inspection:  The operator will conduct a pre-job inspection, possibly taking photos or making notes, and observe the layout.

Step 3. Hand clearing debris:  The operator will then clear any large or bulky debris such as trash, branches, or stones from the parking lot and hand clean corners, curbs, or spaces that are too tight for a sweeper truck to access.  This is done using tools like brooms, shovels, or blowers.

Step 4. Determine and efficient pattern:  The driver will then plan an efficient pattern for sweeping the parking lot, considering the layout, size, and any specific areas that require special attention.

Step 5. Sweeping process: Once the area is clear, the operator can start the sweeping truck. The rotating brushes or brooms on the truck’s underside will use just enough water to control dust as it sweeps away debris from the parking lot. The vacuum or suction mechanism on the truck will collect the swept debris into the waste hopper.

Step 6.  Debris removal:  After the paved surface has been cleaned or the hopper is full, the hopper is unloaded, into an approved on-site waste container or the debris are hauled away to a designated waste disposal facility or recycling center.

Step 7.  Post job inspection:  After sweeping, the operator should inspect the parking lot for any remaining debris or signs of damage.  Possibly taking photos or making notes to ensure the proper action is taken.

Maintain Your Parking Lot & Protect Your Investment

Specific procedures and equipment may vary depending on the type of sweeping truck and the requirements of the parking lot or facility.  1-800-SWEEPER can custom-tailor cleaning services to match the needs of your shopping mall, retail strip center, municipal facility, or general commercial or industrial area – up to seven days per week, night, or day.

By maintaining and cleaning your parking lots with 1-800-SWEEPER, you are investing in your image while protecting your investment.  Now that you have a general idea how the process works, contact us now and “Experience the Difference” ®!


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