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Parking Lot Cleaners

We utilize the latest technology, coupled with our commitment to customer satisfaction, to complete your parking lot cleaning projects quickly.

As parking lot cleaners, we understand the importance of maintaining your property’s visual appearance. Keeping the store and exterior of your business clean is important for attracting quality retailers and their customers. It is no longer just a good idea to have clean parking lots – it is essential to staying competitive.


Good business reasons to hire 1-800-SWEEPER parking lot cleaners:

  • 1-800-SWEEPER’s parking lot cleaners keep your parking lots and entrance areas clean, giving them a sharp appearance.
  • Dirt, debris, and litter accumulate every day from constant vehicle and pedestrian traffic. These sediments cause wear and tear on parking lots, garages, common areas, and sidewalks, negatively affecting the appearance of your property.
  • Not only will a consistent, professional sweeping and cleaning maintenance program improve your image, it also will extend the life span of your parking lots and exterior areas, ultimately saving you time and money.


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Parking Lot Cleaners Are Good for the Environment & Staying Compliant with Environmental Regulations

Cleaning parking lots regularly is beneficial for the environment and helps businesses comply with local regulations. A major benefit of removing pollutants from pavements is that it decreases the risk of stormwater run-off contamination entering rivers and lakes.

Our company specializes in customized parking lot cleaning and sweeping services to fit all your needs. We are a parking lot cleaning company that employs trained, experienced parking area cleaners. Our operators are detail-oriented and care about the appearance of your parking lot as well as the environmental impact of regular sweeping and cleaning.

Parking Lot Cleaners Available 24/7

1-800-SWEEPER’s parking lot cleaners on-call availability is 24/7 – providing a flexible sweeping and cleaning solution to meet your specific needs.

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