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How Much Does Parking Lot Sweeping Cost?

How Much Does Parking Lot Sweeping Cost?

Clean commercial parking lotMaintaining parking lots requires routine maintenance and regular sweeping to preserve appearances and safety.


But how much should you budget for sweeping services?  Fees for parking lot sweeping services vary widely. Below you will find an outline of the significant factors influencing the cost of parking lot sweeping, along with tips for selecting the right service for your business.

Factors that affect parking lot sweeping service rates:

How much should you pay for parking lot sweeping?  It seems like a question that should have an easy answer. But many factors influence the price you will pay for sweeping services. Here are some of the major ones.

Geographic Location

Labor costs constitute a significant component of parking lot sweeping. Therefore, sweeping rates tend to coincide with the cost of living in your area.

Type of Business

Different types of businesses have different amounts of traffic, trash, and cleaning requirements.  For example, a fast-food restaurant may require sweeping on a daily basis, while an office building may only need service a few times a week.

Size of the Parking Lot

Sweeping contractors will price your job based on the square foot or the number of parking spaces in your lot. The larger the size of your parking lot, the higher the fee will be for cleaning it. There are some exceptions to this rule. For example, a large, well-maintained lot free from islands or other obstructions may cost less to clean than a smaller lot that has many cracks, potholes, islands, and other obstacles.

Frequency of Service

How often your parking lot gets cleaned will also affect your price. Some sweeping vendors may be willing to cut you a deal if you commit to more frequent sweeping on an ongoing basis.

Other Parking Lot Services

Some of the other factors that can influence the cost of parking lot sweeping services include:

  • Time of Day and Day of the Week – vendors may adjust their fees to help balance their workload.
  • Local Noise Ordinances – may also determine the timing of work and what equipment is required.
  • Debris requiring special disposal methods
  • Length of Contract
  • Trees and Vegetation in the surrounding area
  • Additional services – trash can maintenance, oil spill cleanup, parking lot striping, asphalt repairs, and pressure washing are services typically requiring a separate fee.
  • Seasonal work such as leaf removal and snow plowing

If your sweeping contractor does not perform the additional services you require, they can often refer you to a reputable business.

Selecting a Parking Lot Cleaning Service

Parking Lot Sweeper Truck



Here are some additional tips and questions to ask to make sure you hire a sweeping company that is right for you.




Review the scope of work.

Are they cleaning the entire property?  Will it be for the frequency you requested?  Will they clean the property every time? Don’t assume they will. Some sweeping companies have been known to monitor the property and only clean it if the driver deems it necessary.

Bid Prices

Some sweeping contractors quote hourly rates. Others bid per sweep or by the number of parking spots. Make sure you understand how each sweeping company is pricing their service so you can properly compare your options.

Ask About Equipment

Run-down road sweeper trucks will not perform as well as well-maintained road cleaning trucks. They are also less reliable. You don’t want trash piling up in your parking lot while the vendor’s truck is in the shop.

Ask About the Crew

A typical parking lot cleaning requires at least two people. One to operate the sweeper truck and another outside the truck, often with a backpack blower, to clean the areas the road sweeper truck cannot reach.

When one person must operate the street cleaning truck, get out of the truck, put on a backpack blower, and perform the work outside of the truck they often feel rushed to complete the job. Unfortunately, this often leads to taking shortcuts and not giving your property the attention, it deserves.

Don’t Decide Solely on Price

Property managers and business owners are under pressure to reduce costs. But remember, all parking lot sweeping businesses are not the same. And cutting routine maintenance costs may lead to costlier repairs. In addition, customers don’t want to visit businesses with unkept or unsafe parking lots.


Why People Call 1-800-SWEEPER


Commercial parking lot striped and cleaned

Our reliable, value oriented sweeping services serve a diverse customer base including national and regional facility management companies, regional home builders, municipalities, state highway departments and local area contractors. The 1-800-SWEEPER organization has brought sweeping companies from coast to coast under a unified marketing and service structure. Partners each operate their business under their own name, but we all have the same mission – providing our valued customers with quality, reliable power sweeping services that exceed expectations. This structure gives customers peace of mind and the knowledge that our entire organization strives to meet ethical and educational standards unparalleled in the power sweeping industry.


Our goal is to be your complete power sweeper service solution.


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