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Our warehouse cleaners' combination of advanced technology and meticulous detail, makes 1-800-SWEEPER the top choice for warehouse cleaning, scrubbing, and floor-sweeping.

Keeping the workspace tidy and clean is key to having a productive, profitable, and healthy workplace. Regular warehouse cleaning, sweeping, and scrubbing will help keep employees safe and healthy and make machines work more efficiently.


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Using Warehouse Cleaners On A Regular Basis To Clean And Scrub Warehouse Floors Is The Best Way To Manage The Maintenance Of Those Floors And Is Considered A Floor Maintenance Best Management Practice (BMP)

A clean warehouse is an efficient warehouse. Keeping your warehouse or manufacturing plant clean is essential for safety, productivity, and morale. Scheduling routine sweeping and scrubbing of the floors should be part of a preventive maintenance plan to reduce downtime, save money on costly equipment repairs, and create an overall better work environment.

1-800-SWEEPER’s Warehouse Cleaners Use the Right Equipment for the Job

Our warehouse cleaners are equipped with floor sweepers and scrubbers specially designed to safely clean up dust, chemicals, mold, contaminants, and pathogens in your facility. These machines can sweep and scrub at the same time while providing excellent results – they’ll leave a disinfected and dry surface behind.

Our industrial sweeper/scrubbers are ideal for high-traffic areas. Also, our professionally trained warehouse cleaners can clean up factory and industrial debris from even the most confined spaces.

Warehouse Cleaners 24/7 Emergency Availability

We schedule regular floor cleaning, sweeping, and scrubbing visits. We are also ready to respond to unplanned situations. Our warehouse cleaners are available any time of the day or night in case of an emergency.


Call us or submit a request to make warehouse sweeping and/or scrubbing a part of your routine preventative maintenance plan.


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