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Managing Municipal Street Sweeping Services

Managing Municipal Street Sweeping Services


Maintaining residential road sweeping operations is expensive. Increased local, state, and federal environmental mandates have prompted many public works directors to find new solutions for providing street cleaning services.

As municipalities look for new and innovative methods to stretch their budgets, public works directors must carefully review how they manage street sweeping services.


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Controlling Costs

Public works directors have a lot of factors to consider when trying to control costs for street sweeping. Some of the costs they have to consider include:

  • Capital expenditures for equipment
  • Equipment upkeep – routine maintenance and repairs
  • Labor – for both operators and maintenance personnel
  • Storage
  • Fuel
  • Operation and Safety training
  • Drug testing

Public works directors must balance the needs of their municipality with their available budget, personnel, and resources when managing their street sweeping program. Here are some of the strategies we see savvy directors using to accomplish more with less.


Renting vs. Owning

The cost of capital equipment for street sweeper trucks represents a significant portion of a residential street sweeping budget. So are the costs of maintaining, repairing, fueling, insuring, and storing that equipment.

Some directors offload those expenses to third-party vendors by renting rather than owning their equipment. – giving city street sweeping crews access to modern trucks and equipment.  Street sweeping trucks can be rented hourly, daily, or on a contract basis. This flexibility allows public works directors to create a plan that fits their current needs – with the flexibility to manage their program as needs change.


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Labor costs are another area of concern for directors. Both the direct labor costs associated with operating the equipment, as well as labor costs for:

  • Servicing the equipment
  • Record-keeping
  • Operational and safety training
  • Drug testing
  • Security

Outsourcing is one option directors use for keeping labor costs (and capital expenditures) in check.

Mixing and Matching

There is no “one size fits all” solution for managing street sweeping programs.  Directors may need to combine different strategies to maximize their budget.  For example, renting or owning are not mutually exclusive options. Directors may choose to use existing equipment, but rent, rather than buy, new equipment as older equipment is retired.

Some directors outsource some street sweeping activities while keeping other activities in-house.  Another strategy is to split the workload to maintain or increase the frequency of service.


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