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Clean Roads and Highways are Essential for Public Health and Safety


Clean roads help keep drivers safe. Road sweeping also keeps our water supply clean by preventing dust, oils, and other pollutants from going down storm drains. Routine sweeping even extends the lifespan of asphalt highways, turnpikes, and roadways – reducing the time between major repairs.

However, the people charged with keeping our highways clean, safe, and usable face a growing number of challenges. Increased environmental safety standards at the state, local, and federal levels combined with shrinking budgets make it increasingly difficult for state DOTs and public works directors to fulfill their mandates. Now more than ever, DOT agencies need contractors and vendors that understand these challenges and can bring flexible, customizable solutions to the table.


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Partnering With DOT Agencies

1-800-SWEEPER provides a comprehensive range of year-round highway sweeping services for state DOT agencies and local municipalities nationwide. By providing state-of-the-art equipment, highly trained sweeping technicians, and incredible attention to detail, our sweeping contractors help these agencies keep their highways safe while extending the useful life of their roads.

State-Of-The-Art Highway Sweeping Equipment

Purchasing and maintaining road sweeper trucks is expensive. So is hiring and training the employees needed to maintain and operate that equipment. Agencies who partner with 1-800-SWEEPER have access to state-of-the-art, properly maintained road sweeper trucks, including:

  • Mechanical power sweepers – heavy-duty street sweepers capable of traveling at highway speeds.
  • Vacuum sweepers – good for removing debris
  • Regenerative air sweepers – remove smaller debris more efficiently and release less exhaust and particulates back into the environment.

Our commercial power sweepers are properly maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions and industry best practices. Whether your project requires one street sweeper or several sweepers of different types, we have the proper equipment to complete your job safely and efficiently.


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Professionally Trained Highway Sweeping Technicians and Attention to Detail

Construction work on highways and roads often causes hectic traffic. Hectic traffic means more risk for everyone involved, from road work crews to all equipment exposed to traffic, as well as the general public. You’ll need skilled, trained technicians with experience navigating traffic barriers while performing highway sweeping jobs efficiently and safely to manage this risk. The professional highway and municipal road sweeping teams at 1-800-SWEEPER are trained to navigate all highway road barricade types with precision and efficiency. Our technicians are also trained in the latest sweeping and safety technology.

Sweeping projects require meticulous attention to detail. The slightest mistake can cause serious problems, such as damage to vehicles, property, and even injury to people. Our teams of sweeping technicians take pride in their work. Every 1-800-SWEEPER partner is committed to ethical standards and is a North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) member. They follow the industry’s best management practices and will do everything they can to ensure your project is completed safely and efficiently.

Highway Construction Sweeping

The highway sweeping experts are 1-800-SWEEPER have the equipment and expertise to handle all of your highway sweeping needs. Typical highway construction projects that we provide sweeping services for include:

  • Concrete repair
  • Crack filling
  • Striping
  • Construction site cleanup
  • Culvert cleaning.
  • Debris Removal
  • Rest area parking lot sweeping



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Emergency Services

1-800-SWEEPER offers emergency services for construction sweeping, traffic incident cleanup, road debris removal, spill cleaning, and other street sweeping emergencies.

Street Sweeping Companies You Can Count On

1-800-SWEEPER has a reputation for reliability and is known nationally by public works directors as the flexible and dependable vendor for customizable plans to fit all your local street, municipal roadway, and interstate highway sweeping service needs.
Contact the power sweeper professionals at 1-800-SWEEPER for cost-effective, efficient, and reliable nationwide road and highway sweeping solutions. Call today!

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