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With state-of-the-art technology, keen attention to detail, as well as hard work, 1-800-SWEEPER's street cleaners provide the best solutions for street and highway sweeping projects.

1-800-SWEEPER recognizes that trustworthiness and a job completed is a must! We offer an extensive selection of highway and paved road sweeping or street cleaning services for cities, private homeowner communities, and state departments. With facilities situated throughout the United States, our dedication to the customer always guarantees that there will be a sweeper truck at hand. Even under rugged winter conditions, our street cleaners persist in delivering timely power sweeping services all year round. Combining the appropriate equipment with the appropriate staff members makes us capable of any undertaking –anywhere, anytime.


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A Street Cleaner Protects the Environment and Your Community’s Resources

The Environmental Protection Agency emphasizes the importance of regularly cleaning roads, streets, and highways. These activities can enhance safety, protect the environment, extend road life, and reduce clogged drains and sewers. They also improve water and air quality significantly.

Street and highway cleaners help keep the air and water we consume clean, as well as adhere to environmental regulations. They make sure our communities remain safe. Street and highway cleaners also keep your community in compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations.

Are You In Need of an Emergency Street Cleaner to Sweep Your Street or Highway?

We are available 24/7 to respond to any emergency, whether it be day or night, an accident, or a spill. As experienced and reliable street cleaners, we are prepared to handle any situation.

Public works directors rely on 1-800-SWEEPER as a dependable vendor due to our flexibility and reputation for dependability. Our certified sweepers and operators are highly trained and can customize plans to fit any community’s needs. They know how to complete your job efficiently.


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