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Types of Commercial Parking Lot Sweeping Trucks

Parking Lot Sweeping Equipment

When hiring or contracting a power sweeping service to clean your parking lot, it is helpful to have a general idea of what type of equipment will be used and what procedures will take place to ensure that your parking lot is properly cleaned and safe. A power sweeping truck along with portering services for sidewalks, corners, and curbs, are key components to commercial and retail parking lot maintenance.


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Vacuum Sweeping Trucks

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There are generally two types of sweeper trucks that are utilized when cleaning a parking lot: a Vacuum Sweeper truck or a Regenerative Air Sweeper truck.  A Vacuum Sweeper truck relies on suction power, created by a large fan or impeller.  This sweeping method draws dirt and debris from your parking lot into a vacuum nozzle, where the dirt is then sucked into the hopper while exhausting the air into the environment, similar to a household vacuum sweeper.

Regenerative Air Sweeping Trucks

The other commonly used sweeper truck for cleaning a commercial lot is a Regenerative Air Sweeper truck.  These sweeper trucks use a blower wheel, powered by an engine or hydraulics to create a blast of air onto the pavement surface. The regenerative air sweeping system pushes a curtain of air across the entire sweeper pick-up head, suspending surface debris with a blast of air which circulates through the head depositing the material into the hopper with the air then continuing through a dust separator and back to the head, without exhausting air into the environment.  This technology of sweeping can dislodge debris in cracks and crevices common on paved surfaces.  The regenerative air power sweeping system is best at cleaning up finer debris particles on good quality paved surfaces compared to the vacuum sweepers. This would make them the best choice for routine cleaning and maintenance of your parking lot.


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By maintaining and cleaning your parking or commercial lots with 1-800-SWEEPER, you are investing in your image while protecting your investment.  Now that you have a general idea of what equipment will be used, contact us here and “Experience the Difference” ®!

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