Parking Garage Sweeping Service

Parking Garage Sweeping

Why is Parking Garage Sweeping so important?

1-800-SWEEPER Partners provide sweeping, scrubbing, and pressure washing services for not only parking lots, but for parking garages too.  To stay competitive and make a lasting impression, a clean  environment is essential to attracting quality tenants and customers. Continual vehicular and pedestrian traffic in your parking structure generates an accumulation of dirt, dust, and litter. The build-up of grit, oils, and debris that are ignored can quickly deteriorate your building surfaces, negatively affecting your property’s image, brand and value.

Spring Cleaning to Remove Salt Sediments

Structural engineers, who design parking structures, emphasize the importance of scheduling a deep cleaning of parking garages in the spring to remove winter’s salt sediments that can penetrate the concrete and corrode the structures subsurface creating costly repairs.  Maintaining a consistent preventative professional sweeping, scrubbing and pressure washing maintenance program has proven to extend the life-span of parking garage surfaces and exterior areas, ultimately saving you time and money.

Special Considerations for Parking Garage Maintenance

  • Enclosed spaces can cause more concentrated pollutants and toxins to accumulate, making routine cleaning imperative to customer health and safety.
  • Dry and often dusty air is common in garage spaces which can pose a cleaning issue–we have the expertise and scheduling flexibility to ensure safe cleaning to create an optimal environment for tenants and customers.
  • Indoor parking areas are not exposed to weather elements, which naturally help dilute the accumulation of chemicals and debris.  Regular garage cleaning will minimize the risk of deterioration and corrosion to the garage building materials such as concrete and rebar, ensuring maximum lifespan and lower repair costs.


Customized Services

Our sweeping service Partners are available 24 / 7 / 365 to clean your parking structure. 

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