Good Information to Have Available when Hiring Construction Sweeping Services

Good Information to Have Available when Hiring Construction Sweeping Services

If you need to hire a sweeping service at your construction project, the expert street sweeping team at 1-800-SWEEPER can guide you through the process from start to finish.  Our professional construction sweeping specialists will ensure you get the right equipment and make sure you know what questions to consider for your construction site sweeping needs. 

When choosing a construction sweeping service, it is important to be knowledgeable of the several specifics regarding the job site:   

  • Where will the debris be dumped onsite? If offsite is required; what are the construction jobsite regulations regarding sweeping debris removal?
  • What is the surface type that requires sweeping? (asphalt, concrete or other?)
  • What material is generally needing swept? (sand, mud, clay, gravel?)
  • What volume of material is needed to be swept? (Light/Heavy – Loose/Compacted?)
  • What is the timeframe for the job to be completed?
  • What are the specific logistics and location of the construction jobsite?

Answering these questions will help your sweeping service select the right street sweeper truck for your jobsite and conditions. It is important to schedule the exact sweeping equipment to get the job done properly, efficiently and on time.  Keep in mind there are different types of street streeper sweeping equipment for construction sweeping.  The primary sweeping equipment  types include mechanical broom sweepers, vacuum sweepers and regenerative air sweepers.  More information on these can be found here.

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