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Street and Highway Sweeping

The power sweeping professionals at 1-800-SWEEPER provide a comprehensive range of paved road and highway sweeping services for municipalities, private homeowner communities, and state agencies. Our network of Partner owned service facility locations providing street and highway sweeping services can be found nationwide, ensuring regulatory compliance for your state or local municipality. 1-800-SWEEPER delivers timely highway and road sweeping year-round even when disrupted by inclement weather conditions.

Make Citizens Proud to Live in Your Beautiful, Clean and Environmentally-friendly Community. Considered an EPA recommended best management practice, regularly scheduled street and highway sweeping improves the environment and the aesthetics of your community. Having clean streets and highways is safer, extends the lifespan of asphalt roads, reduces clogged drains and sewers that cause flooding, improves water and air quality, and much more.

Routine street and highway sweeping is one of the few ways that citizens can see their TAX DOLLARS at work. Citizens continue to demand higher and more visible returns for their tax dollars. However, more than ever, local and state governments are under increasing pressure to save money. We understand your government must do more with less!

Privatizing your street and highway sweeping is a great way to lower your community’s  or city’s capital and maintenance expenses. It also takes away the burden of having to maintain your own street sweeper. 1-800-SWEEPER brings the right sweeping equipment and the right people for any job – anywhere, anytime.  We prioritize safety first, taking precautions to ensure our professional cleaning truck driver’s safety and the safety of the motoring public.  

Protecting the Environment and Your Community’s Resources

Environmental regulations are bringing greater attention to fugitive dust and stormwater runoff contamination control in all urban areas, requiring regular highway road sweeping, and in many cases, increased frequency. Our street sweeping services significantly reduce the contaminants entering the water we drink and the air we breathe. Street and highway sweeping also keeps your community in compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations, eliminating potentially costly EPA fines.

Have an Emergency Requirement to Sweep your Street or Highway?

Emergencies don’t wait for office hours. Whether there is an accident or unexpected spill, we are on-call, available 24/7 when emergency situations arise.

Together with our reputation for reliability, 1-800-SWEEPER is known by public works directors as the flexible and dependable vendor you can rely on to offer customizable plans to fit the road sweeping needs of all communities. Our certified, highly trained professional street sweeping operators know how to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

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