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Why We Stand Out?

Forward Thinking Power Sweeping Companies Leverage Resources, Achieving Savings and Growth

If you want to take your power sweeping business to the next level, the next step is to consider joining with business owners’ from across the country who share your same commitment of being the best by working in partnership to achieve more.

Consider for a moment how your vision for the future of your business would benefit from the opportunity to learn and collaborate with some of the most successful privately owned power sweeper companies in the country. And consider the advantages of leveraging the buying power of this group with vendors and suppliers to reduce your costs and expand your relationships and influence in the industry. Helping independent power sweeping company owners be their best is a cornerstone on which the 1-800-SWEEPER organization was created.


A Number That Connects

1-800-SWEEPER is a nationwide alliance of independently owned power sweeping companies, actively working together to market, manage, and build their businesses.

In fact, many of the network’s Partners share a similar story of entrepreneurship, to own and operate their own business – often starting with one truck and growing into a larger commercial power sweeping company over time.

So, if you aspire to continue learning and growing, both personally and professionally, while doing top quality work and serving your community along the way … you’ll fit right in with the culture of liked-minded Partners of 1-800-SWEEPER.


Powerful Lead Generation

Every Partner enjoys the exclusive benefits of being part of the 1-800-SWEEPER national brand, while still maintaining their own local business name and brand identity. The objective is to leverage the power of co-branding.

Through the strength of the 1-800-SWEEPER number and the powerful website, customer leads and inquiries are continually generated thanks to the high visibility of the organization’s brand recognition nationwide. In addition to the highly recognizable phone number seen on local sweeper vehicles, the organization builds awareness directly for Partners through its 1-800-SWEEPER website landing pages, which detail each Partner’s unique service capabilities, as well as the organization’s aggressive online/digital and print marketing initiatives.

With built-in marketing and lead generation, Partners have the freedom to focus more on operating their power sweeping business – serving customers and managing their team and fleet.

Partners receive service requests from the 24/7 Call Center through the 800 App, as well as occasional national bid opportunities to service big box customers in their region. But the customer leads are only one benefit of being a Partner. With over 40 vendor Partners to date, 1-800-SWEEPER’s buying group is the only co-op in the power sweeping industry. Partners receive discounts on the big-ticket items they need to run their business; sweeper trucks, tires, brooms, and fuel, as well as industry suppliers such as NAPA, Kimball, Kaman and Safelite to name a few.


Sharing Knowledge and Best Practices

This nationwide group of Partner sweeping companies also hosts the annual Sweeper Summit & Equipment Expo.  Since its inception in 2012, the event has proven to be a successful way to share information and knowledge with fellow power sweeping company leaders in the organization. The Sweeper Summit offers Partners the only industry specific Benchmarking Workshop, as well as other business-related educational sessions, vendor presentations, training programs, hands-on equipment showcases, and networking with our community of Partners. The Sweeper Summit is hosted at a different city each year. It is an invitation only event that has become the premier event in the power sweeping industry.

Opportunities to learn, grow, and network are ongoing beyond the Summit event. The expansive, nationwide group of Partner companies has enabled 1-800-SWEEPER to develop special programs and tools that help each member be more informed, efficient, and successful. This level of cooperation, collaboration and commitment amongst independently owned companies is unique to the industry and has created the most highly recognized brand in the power sweeping industry with more sweepers, employees and range of capabilities than any other brand.


Committed to Supporting Our Communities

1-800-SWEEPER believes in supporting their local communities and important causes. It’s common for Partners to proudly work together to make a difference through both serving and fundraising. In 2016, the 1-800-SWEEPER Foundation was created to raise money for these charitable fundraising efforts.  Over the years, Partners have supported efforts such as natural disaster cleanup and recovery work – inspired to take action following events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, and wildfires.

Most recently in 2020, 1-800-SWEEPER partnered with the Veterans Matter organization to support their initiative of providing housing assistance for homeless veterans. Together, a wide range of Partners led a charitable campaign that ran from Veterans Day through the holiday season and raised over $65,000 and housed 80 homeless vets! A notable achievement that represents the giving, sharing and caring culture of the organization in the face of a worldwide pandemic!


Because the World is Going Green

Did you know that power sweeping is an environmentally impactful industry? As municipalities and businesses continue to step up their eco and sustainability efforts, the opportunities for power sweeping to play a role are increasing.

The positive environmental benefits of power sweeping can range from parking lot maintenance and event cleanup to fall leaf pickups. At another level, 1-800-SWEEPER Partners are doing work in areas such as catch basin cleaning and street sweeping to protect water supply quality – one of the top concerns for the environment as well as for individual communities.

Beyond keeping communities clean, 1-800-SWEEPER Partners and vendors are also working together to advance the tools and technologies needed to usher in a new era of eco-friendly sweeping services. For example, new sweeper designs, improved dust suppression systems, more fuel-efficient trucks including electrification of some equipment, and vehicle/fleet management paperless technology such as Eagle Eye Tracking are some of the power sweeping industry’s developments that can help make a difference to improve performance and productivity.

A Genuine Commitment to Quality & Growth

1-800-SWEEPER Partners share a common commitment to doing quality work and responding to their customers’ needs – while at the same time working smarter to grow their business. We hustle for our customers!

All like-minded, independently owned power sweeping businesses are welcomed, but space is limited. An advantage of joining 1-800-SWEEPER is that there is only one Partner opportunity available to represent each market, defined by area codes. This creates the competitive advantage for Partners that allows them to leverage the power of the exclusive benefits when offering and delivering power sweeping services to commercial and municipal accounts/clients in their local market area.

1-800-SWEEPER provides a great opportunity to learn, grow and collaborate with some of the most successful power sweeper companies in the country with the singular common goal to be the best in the business, while having fun doing it! Their commonly used slogan, “More Than A Number!” certainly underscores the organizations success and the benefits that have been achieved to date.

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