5 Ways to Ensure You are selecting the Best Sweeping Contractor

5 Ways to Ensure you are Selecting The Best Power Sweeping Contractor

Sweeping is an out of sight out of mind activity – until it is not! When sweeping services are done well, the surfaces fade into the background, but if there is an issue with sweeping it can be significant. Make sure you hire the best sweeping services contractor for every job.


Reputation – It is very easy in our current environment to uncover the reputation of the power sweeping company you are considering. Take a minute to verify their reputation

 Education – Running a commercial street sweeper requires knowledge of not only the equipment, but the environment and how to sweep properly requires specific training. Not only does the contractor need to be knowledgeable of the equipment, but also of the type of equipment needed for a specific job. Make sure your sweeping contractors have achieved industry certifications.

Affiliations – Is your sweeping contractor affiliated with any national or regional organizations? Organization participation shows that the company is interested in best practices and has a network of support that generally indicates a desire to bring forward the best service possible. Industry affiliations show a level of professionalism and higher business acumen.

Adequate Insurance – While no one wants to talk about insurance, it is a relevant conversation in every industry. Check that your sweeping  contractor  has adequate coverage for  before the work has started.

Good Fit – Beyond the logistics of the sweeping company contractor and your work, does the company communicate with you well? Are there clear expectations of the scope of work? Do they offer reporting that helps you confirm services are completed? Generally, does the company feel like a good fit to your needs?

The professional power sweeping Partners of 1-800-SWEEPER are happy to answer these questions and more to ensure you receive the best, most rele service. 

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