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Vendor Partner - GoCanvas

Vendor Partner - GoCanvas

GoCanvas is a mobile platform that allows you to create and customize your own mobile forms, called “GoCanvas Apps,” that can be filled out on smartphones and tablets. It’s that simple. The GoCanvas mobile app platform let’s you replace outdated processes and paperwork.  GoCanvas assists sweeping companies by simplifying your:

  • Job Site Reporting
  • Pre/Post Trip Inspections
  • Issue Reporting

Launch a specific form, fill it out, then email it to customers or colleagues as a PDF! Once you’re done, click submit to send into the office for record keeping.

GoCanvas is offering exclusive pricing for 1-800-Sweeper Partners and Affiliates with discounts ranging from 20-50{cd9db56748df391b131010c0c880113f42d56e29626b6ebf74877cbc020d5b1a}.  Their offerings include a set of 6 commonly used sweeper apps with designed PDFs, as well as training to make sure your team gets up to speed quickly.

Collecting data instantly from the field in an electronic format will streamline your business dramatically and can improve your cashflow. By getting your forms transmitted right away, you are able to order parts sooner, complete jobs sooner, and invoice sooner.

PayPal integration allows your operators to collect payment right on the spot.

The GoCanvas App creation system lets you use pre-existing templates, or you can customize to match your requirements. All plans allow you to create and fill out as many forms as you want. Store as much data as you need.

Apps created can include all of the following functionality:

  • Image Capture
  • Signature
  • GPS
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Calculations
  • Mobile Payments

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